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The Linc - DeSean Jackson: Eagles are "definitely a top contending team"

Philadelphia Eagles links for 9/12/2013.

Rob Carr

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Let's get to the links:

How Chip Kelly can actually change the NFL - Brent Cohen, BGN
AKA Winning Football.

5 initial notes/observations about the San Diego Chargers - Jimmy Kempski,
2) Keep an eye on ex-Colt Dwight Freeney, who now plays with the Chargers. He was excellent Monday night against the Texans, working against a really good LT in Duane Brown. While he primarily lined up on the right side of the Chargers' defense, he did get some chances on the left side as well. It will be interesting to see if the Chargers want the wily vet to work on rookie RT Lane Johnson instead of his traditional spot against the LT.

Cover 2: Analyzing The Offense -
In our second week of Cover 2, Birds 24/7's Sheil Kapadia and's Jimmy Kempski react to the Eagles' opening game win, as well as how the Eagles will fare this Sunday against the Chargers ...

Detailed Game Review – PHI 33, WAS 27 - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The Eagles winning on the road against last year’s division champs is a great thing. FedEx Field was a raucous place. Skins fans were celebrating RG3′s return to the field. They were on Cloud Nine. There were going to beat the lowly Eagles and put College Kelly in his place. Life was going to be good, as the Skins offense marched up and down the field for score after score. No way the Eagles patchwork defense could handle the Skins juggernaut offense.

No-22: Eagles Break Out ‘Emory & Henry’ Formation - Sheil Kapadia, Birds 24/7
With 3:18 left in the second quarter of Monday night’s game against the Redskins, the Eagles set up at the Washington 14 yard line with a 1st-and-10. LeSean McCoy had just picked up 12 yards on 3rd-and-2, and the offense was three plays in to their up-tempo, no-huddle drive. As the players retreated to the line of scrimmage, two members of the offensive line set up in unusual places.

DeSean: Eagles opened eyes around the NFL - Geoff Mosher, CSN Philly
"For us to come out and put on a show like we did, I think it showed the whole world the Eagles are definitely a top-contending team to go out there and make some big things happen."

Game Rewind: 15 Screenshots From the First 15 Minutes of the Chip Kelly Era - Brian Solomon, McNabb or Kolb
On Monday, before the Eagles' opener, I downplayed the notion that the Eagles would be able to put many wins together this season, noting that what we're really looking for is a season like Andy Reid's foundation-building 1999. I WAS WRONG. Well, at least I was wrong about the team's potential to win games this season. Looks like the offense Kelly brings may be good enough to be more competitive more quickly than I expected. Not to mention exciting. I'm riding high off that win, especially the first quarter that became one glorious offensive wet dream.

Analyzing how Chip Kelly unfurled more of his amazing offense - Derek Sarley, Eagletarian
Along with the Holy Binity of the Chip Kelly offense (inside zone read / outside zone read) there are a number of other, lesser plays that build out the rest of his – we can say it now – euphorically entertaining attack.

5 Areas the Eagles Can Improve for Week 2 - Phil Thompson, FanSpeak
In College, after amassing a large lead, Chip Kelly could slow down his team's tempo and not look like he was running up the score. In the NFL though, when you do that, you leave yourself open for comeback opportunities by the other team. In the 2nd half, the Eagles offense lost some of their momentum and it led to mistakes that cost them and allowed the Redskins to get back into the game. If the Eagles find themselves up big this week, they need to keep with the original game plan and not deviate to slow them down.

Chip Kelly will be paging Marcus Mariota soon enough - John Cazano, The Oregonian
Kelly will get his kind of talent. Nobody knows better than he what types of offensive lineman, and receivers, and backs he needs. If you were among those who noticed that former Duck Jeffrey Maehl got in on two plays in the debut, you weren't alone. Also, he'll get his prized quarterback, and I suspect when Mariota, a sophomore at UO, decides he's ready for the NFL, Kelly is going to do everything in his power to land the guy. Marcus Mariota, 19, is better than Vick in the offense right now

Chip Kelly’s First NFL Game: The Good, The Bad, and the Duck-ly - Adam Dawkins,
The Eagles’ ran fifty-three plays in the first half, but put up only 27 points; after scoring early in the second half, the offense went quiet, and didn’t score for the remainder of the game. For the dominance the team had on both sides of the ball for the majority of the game, the Eagles should have scored more points, with 6-of-14 drives starting on the Eagles 40-yard line or beyond.

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