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Chip Kelly's full arsenal of Eagles offensive talents not yet on display

Patrick Smith

One of the biggest concerns exiting the Eagles victory over the Redskins on Monday night was that the Eagles seemed to slow their pace in the second half. While Philly was never in serious danger of losing, it looked like to an extent that the Washington defense started to "figure out" the Eagles offense.

I imagine that there is some truth to that thought. As the Eagles showed the Redskins more of their offense, it's possible that the Redskins made adjustments. It's also possible that the Eagles decided on their own to slow down their pace.

I can't say for sure, but I know that the Eagles haven't yet shown their full hand. It's only been one game. Chip Kelly has is still playing some of his cards face down. These are a few Eagles players who haven't even been majorly utilized yet:

TE James Casey - 2 snaps (2%)

This is the most obvious one. Casey was signed early in NFL free agency as a FB/TE/H-Back player that could be utilized in a number of offensive roles. Casey didn't even play in the offense on Monday night, but did play on special teams. Complete speculation on my part, but I wonder if he is still suffering lingering effects from a hamstring injury he suffered late in the preseason. Maybe it was just a match-up issue for the Eagles. It will be interesting to see if/when Casey's reps increase.

WR Damaris Johnson - 1 snap (1%)

All aboard the Damaris train! Johnson had a great training camp. Along with Casey, he mostly only played on special teams though. The problem with Johnson is that he's small so he doesn't offer the same blocking prowess that some of the bigger Eagles receivers do. Still, when utilized properly, Johnson could be a useful weapon, especially in terms of getting yards after the catch.

RB Chris Polk - 0 snaps (0%)

It was surprising not to see Polk get at least one carry. He is another player who put together a good training camp. Polk focused on losing weight in the offense to be a better and faster player. Polk isn't a special talent but he can certainly provide relief for starter LeSean McCoy.

RB Bryce Brown - 16 snaps (19%)

Brown's performance was memorable for the reason he kept trying to bounce his runs outside. Instead of running north, he was going east or west too often. When I re-watched the game, I noticed that Bryce had a few nice runs early when he ran up the middle. Chip Kelly noted today before practice that Brown needs to get more reps in order to spell Shady McCoy. We also didn't get to see Bryce's run-after-catch potential.


As the season progress, I am sure Chip will mix and match his personnel based on the Eagles match-ups. Even if these players go underutilized, it's clear the Eagles have no dearth of offensive options.

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