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Eagles work out assertively confident Center David Molk

The Eagles could be looking for depth at center.

Kent Horner

The latest player to work out for the Eagles is Center David Molk.

As you can see from the tweet, Molk was a 7th round pick by San Diego in the 2012 draft. He's a second year NFL player that was on the Chargers roster all off-season up until their final cuts. Coincidentally, the Eagles player the Chargers on Sunday Sept. 15.

The Eagles currently have Jason Kelce as a starting center. Behind him is Julian Vandervelde, who beat out former Eagle C Dallas Reynolds for the backup job. Vandervelde seems more like a guard playing C at times, so maybe the Eagles are not comfortable with him as the backup. Or maybe they are just kicking the tires on Molk.

One thing that Molk lacks is an NFL job. This much is obvious. One thing Molk does not lack, however, is confidence. From a PFT article (H/T Jimmy Kempski)

"The fact they could consider any center better than me is pretty stupid"


"I have skills [Peter Konz] doesn’t have. Obviously, my strength is far better, I’m faster, I would say I’m smarter. Obviously, he’s an intelligent person, I’ve talked to him, but I just think I have a technique that’s unmatched."


"[Mike Brewster] is nowhere near me as a player."

The question is, would you rather have your backup center be Batmandervelde or the World's Most Confident Man? For now, Batman gets the edge.

Earlier in the week the Eagles worked out former Giants' safety Tyler Sash.


In unrelated but very important news, former Eagles QB GJ Kinne worked out for the Panthers.

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