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Former Eagles LB Emmanuel Acho ends up on the New York Giants' Practice Squad

Oh no!

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

A fair share of Eagles fans were shocked when the team cut ILB Emmanuel Acho last week.

The future hall of famer second year inside linebacker looked like he had an impressive preseason, but clearly the Eagles did not feel like he warranted a spot on their roster. Or even the practice squad. Plus, the Eagles traded Dion Lewis for him. It originally seemed like saving a roster spot for Acho was obvious.

That wasn't the case. According to Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman, the backup positions were won due to special teams play For this reason it is likely why the Eagles kept Casey Matthews and added LB Najee Goode.

Now for your Acho update: the New York Giants have added him to their practice squad.

Maybe the fact that Acho wasn't picked up right away confirms what was seen in preseason was misleading. Acho seemed to perform well, but maybe he wasn't executing exactly what the coaches wanted him to do. It's hard to say since none of us are the coaches.

But if Acho first goes unclaimed after being cut, then stays a free agent for a whole week, then signs to a practice squad and not even a 53 man roster spot... well, clearly other teams had a reason they were not desperate to add him to their roster. Context is important.

There's no denying Emmanuel has potential and could develop into a worthwhile player one day. The fact he was on the street for a while and still has not made an active roster could be a telling sign that the Eagles weren't so crazy for cutting him after all, though.

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