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NFL Power Rankings 2013 Week 2: Eagles in the Top 15

Rob Carr

As always, Week 1 of the NFL featured a ton of action. Now that the week is over, it's time to see where all 32 NFL teams stand in the power rankings.

Since it's early in the season and I don't want to react to a small sample size, the rankings will be determined by both: 1) how the team performed in week one and 2) my expectations of the team entering the season.


1) 49ers - Colin Kaepernick is phenomenal. Adding veteran WR Anquan Boldin looks like a great move so far by San Francisco.

2) Broncos - Peyton Manning threw for SEVEN TOUCHDOWNS. The Broncos also added a decent veteran WR you may have heard of... Wes Welker.

3) Seahawks - Easy one of the most talented teams in the NFL, but didn't exactly have a sharp performance in a 12-7 win over the Panthers.

4) Patriots - Tom Brady is still Tom Brady. It may have looked like the Patriots were going to lose to the Bills, but New England is never out of the game as long as Brady is their QB.

5) Packers - They lost to the 49ers but they are still among the best teams in the NFC. Especially with Aaron Rodgers around.

6) Falcons - Matty Ice came up with no dice against the Saints but it is not easy to get a win in that Superdome. They were very close to winning.

7) Saints - Drew Brees makes that offense go. The 2012 Saints' defense was historically terrible. It held them back despite a great offense. If the defense can be anything better than that, they have a chance to win.

8) Bears - Marc Trestman seems to know what he's doing in Chi-town.

9) Texans - Houston scraped out a comeback win against the Chargers late on Monday Night Football.

10) Bengals - WR AJ Green is downright scary, but I'm not sure what to make of Andy Dalton.

11) Ravens - That defense sure didn't look "reloaded" after Peyton Manning smashed them with seven touchdowns of his own.

12) Lions - Reggie Bush was built for way he is being used in Detroit. The Lions offense is a threat.

13) Eagles - The Eagles offense is also a big threat. Chip Kelly looks like a great addition. The defense didn't look too bad, at least in the first half. Can they keep their offensive success up moving forward?

14) Cowboys - They looked better than the Giants for sure, but had their fair share of sloppy play as well.

15) Redskins - RG3 looked rusty but the Redskins defense looked putrid. Washington travels to Green Bay and could easily be looking at a 0-2 start to the year.

16) Dolphins - Miami is going to have to do more than beat the Browns. Ryan Tannehill doesn't look too bad.

17) Colts - They almost lost to the Raiders, which almost cost me my suicide league pick. Andrew Luck is a good talent at QB, but I am not sold on Indianapolis yet.

18) Chiefs - Kansas City looked legitimately impressive in Andy Reid's debut... but it was against the worst team in the NFL.

19) Rams - Third best team in the NFC West. Earned a hard fought win against their divisional rivals against Arizona.

20) Giants - 6 turnovers. New York had 6 fumbles all of last year. They have talent, but turning the ball over this much is not an encouraging sign.

21) Panthers - Held the Seahawks to just 12 points, but also only scored 7 points.

22) Chargers - A new era in San Diego began with a similar collapse.

23) Buffalo - Credit to Doug Marrone. EJ Manuel put together a surprisingly good performance in his rookie debut against the Patriots. The Bills almost won that game, but almost won't cut it in my ruthless rankings.

24) Vikings - Weird team dynamic. Ponder isn't going to win them games, but they still have Adrian Peterson who is undoubtedly the best running back in the league.

25) Titans - They beat the Steelers, which isn't saying much. But it's something, so I'll put them above Pittsburgh.

26) Steelers - When Felix Jones is on your active roster and plays, that says a lot about your team. And not in a good way.

27) Cardinals - Carson Palmer is the best QB they have had in too long. I guess that isn't saying too much.

28) Jets - GENO! The Jets probably aren't good, but Geno Smith is an upgrade from Mark Sanchez.

29) Buccaneers - Clearly the worst team in their division the way I see it. I am not a fan of Josh Freeman. Terrible decision by Lavonte David to commit a penalty and give the Jets a chance to hit the game winning FG.

30) Raiders - They almost beat the Colts, but Oakland still isn't a threat. Terrelle Pyror might be fun to watch.

31) Cleveland Browns - Boy, it's a shame they didn't hire that Chip Kelly guy. Some people thought the Browns might have a decent year, but Brandon Weeden isn't scaring anyone except Cleveland fans.

32) Jaguars - The Gus Bus is off to a predictably slow start. Blaine Gabbert remains an anagram for "A Blabbering Tree".


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