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Eagles start to build their Practice Squad by adding Bamiro, Long, Salas, and Tucker

The Eagles have added 4 players to their practice squad.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles have begun to build their practice squad by adding four familiar faces to it. They are: WR Greg Salas, OT Michael Bamiro, RB Matthew Tucker, and OLB Travis Long. These players were eligible to join the PS after clearing waivers at noon today.

Earlier today I discussed all the rules and regulations of the practice squad. Check it out - it's a good reference.

Let's talk about the first four members:

WR Greg Salas - I'm a little surprised he cleared waivers. He had a real sold training camp and preseason with the Eagles. Salas seems to be a great practice squad addition. I imagine the Eagles offered to give him extra money to stay on their PS. In New England, Salas was paid $8,800 per week instead of the ~$5,700 per week practice squad minimum. It's speculation on my part -- for now -- but it makes sense.

OT Michael Bamiro - Bamiro was an interesting story because of how he essentially dodged both the NFL draft and the NFL supplemental draft. It was clear in preseason that he was a rookie who needed more time to develop.

RB Matthew Tucker - The Eagles only kept 3 running backs and Chip Kelly likes to run a lot so it doesn't hurt to keep a 4th on the PS. Plus, Tucker showed some ability as a runner in the preseason.

OLB Travis Long - Long was signed after the Eagles already started camp. He flashed in preseason at times but it was clear he wasn't deserving of a roster spot. Yet another developmental guy for the Eagles. Also makes sense because the Eagles currently only have 3 outside linebackers on the 53 man roster and that's not much depth. Long provides depth in practice or in case of emergency.


The Eagles may have wished a few other players didn't get claimed so that they could put them on their PS. I'm talking about WR Russell Shepard and OLB Chris McCoy. Both were guys that had a real chance at making the Eagles 53 man roster but were ultimately cut. Shepard was claimed by the Buccaneers and McCoy was claimed by the Gus Bus AKA the Jacksonsville Jaguars. Oh well.

The Eagles have 4 more open practice squad spots to fill. Remember, the players on the PS can be signed any at any time under certain stipulations.

Updated: The Eagles have added to the team's secondary via the practice squad. Free safety Trenton Richardson, formerly of the 49ers and Michigan State, is the fifth member of the practice squad. He was a sixth-round pick in 2012.

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