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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp 2013 Notes & Quotes - Monday 8/5/2013

Today's notes from Eagles training camp practice at The Linc. Hear from Lane Johnson, Mychal Kendricks, and Chris Polk.

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The Eagles practiced at The Linc today. Here's what happened:


• It was Military Appreciation Day at the Linc. A special "Thank You" to those who serve and protect our country. Here's a picture of them lining up along the field [link]. Chip Kelly and the Eagles players entered the field and gave handshakes/high fives to all of them.

• No pads on today. Limited contact. Not much of an exhilarating practice, but there were some things of note. This way my view of today's action [video].

• 3 on 2's: Felix Jones drops a Kinne pass. Everette Brown breaks up a pass. Mychal Kendricks breaks up a Dixon pass intended for Nick Miller with ease.

• 7 on 7's: Flyswatters are up. Vick leads a drive down the field going 5 for 6. No particularly amazing throws as his WRs were wide open most of the time, but the only pass that fell incomplete was a contested throw to Avant. Brandon Boykin may have gotten away with pass interference on the play. Good series.

Foles leads a drive downfield. In the redzone, Foles throws a fade route to WR Ifeanyi Momah. It was a good ball, but Momah couldn't hold onto the catch. Also credit CB Brandon Hughes for making it tough and breaking it up. Foles overthrew his WR twice on this drive, but Jimmy insists that's because he was throwing the ball away. I couldn't tell for sure so I guess we'll trust him on this one. Still, not a bad drive. He was hurt by a Zach Ertz drop on what would have been a sure TD.

Barkley's turn. He commands his teammates well and hurries everyone up to the line of scrimmage for the next play. Works the short to intermediate throwing game. Good series.

• 11 on 11. Play action, Foles up first. Hits DeSean in the back of the endzone for a TD. Nice throw; threw with anticipation.

Barkley is barking out orders to his receivers. The ball is snapped while Barkley wasn't looking. I couldn't tell who the center was. Later, Barkley was intercepted by Cary Williams. Credit Emmanuel Acho who tipped the pass.

Vick runs for a wide open TD. It's funny, because he threw a pump-fake in there while he was already five yards past the line of scrimmage. Vick had a pass tipped at the LoS but it fell to the ground.

• By now you've heard me say that Brandon Boykin and Damaris Johnson are having great training camps. You know who else has? Chris Polk. He's been very impressive in multiple aspects. He's shown good hands and looks natural catching the ball. He looks faster when watching him run. Polk has done work to shed 15 pounds (from 230 to 215) and it's looking like it's paid off. He could be a serious part of the Eagles RB rotation.

• After practice, I finally confirmed that I'm taller than Ifeanyi Momah by standing near him while he was being interviewed. Don't believe me? I have witnesses.


OT Lane Johnson

• Lane played RT today because he's been at LT (Peters has been out) the past couple practices. He said it was just to get him more RT reps since he'll likely be there during the season.

• On the chemistry of the OL: "It's a brotherhood." He said he usually hangs out with Todd Herremans, Evan Mathis, and Jason Kelce off the field.

ILB Mychal Kendricks

• On playing against Chip Kelly in college: "Oh. Man, I mean I had a great game every game we played them. I rose to the occasion. But he's got some good stuff."

RB Chris Polk

• "I kinda miss [Reid's physical training camps] in a sense, but this camp is more structured. Everything we do we know why we're doing it."

• Polk talked on the importance of conditioning under Chip Kelly.

• On if he would be able to handle Chip's camp now if he was in the shape that he was last year: "No way. No way. At 230 doing all of that? I know I had good wind, but just from a body aspect... hamstrings being tighter, back being tighter. Having that wind [helps], and being able to make a long run, and [get back to the huddle], and get the signs... and run the next play over and over, it can really take a toll on somebody.

Injury Notes:

LeSean McCoy (knee) left practice early, as did Jason Kelce (ankle). Nothing too serious. They're listed as day-to-day.

• Did not practice - OT Jason Peters (hamstring), OT Ed Wang (knee), OT Dennis Kelly (back), WR David Ball (quad), DT Antonio Dixon (back).

• TE Zach Ertz returned to practice today after missing yesterday with a shoulder injury. WR Arrelious Benn (knee) returned to practice yesterday.


Up next: The New England Patriots are in town tomorrow and the Eagles will practice/scrimmage against them at NovaCare. I'll have all your quintessential Tim Tebow coverage here at BGN!

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