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Rapid Reaction: Making sense of the Eagles' final cuts

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Every year, 32 NFL teams make final cuts that put several talented players out of work. This weekend the Eagles gave 21 players pink slips and ended another's season on injured reserve. While all of these players may not be destined for NFL futures, several of them have a shot at the practice squad or being picked up by another organization.

On Twitter there has been reactions both negative and positive to some of the players that have been shipped out of town, but the most important thing to understand is that the building of an NFL roster is a fluid process. Some players were cut because they don't have talent and others were cut due to the numbers game. Clearly, 22 of the 75 players heading into this weekend had issues or blemishes in their play to make the Eagles cut them.

In order to not overreact to the moves made in the last 48 hours, let's take a look at the players and why they were released, waived or place on the injured reserve.

Will Murphy, WR: This is a classic case of a camp body. While he made it past first cuts, it was clear he was being spared to eat up wide receiver reps against the Jets. He will likely never play a snap of NFL football again.

Dennis Dixon, QB: While several Oregon Duck-turned-Eagles fans wanted Dixon to make the roster, once Matt Barkley was drafted, it was a given he would be cut. Dixon played in just two preseason games and really didn't look all that great. Well, at least there is always his 2007 season at Oregon.

Trevard Lindley, CB: For the last three years, Lindley has been in Eagles' camp and has looked just okay. He has NFL size and speed, but he clearly doesn't have NFL talent. This is likely it for him, after he was released with an injury settlement.

Dallas Reynolds, G/C: The former Andy Reid pet project was a cut mostly due to style. He had much more experience than Julian Vandervelde, yet he was the third-string center throughout the summer. Reynolds likely has a future as a backup in the league.

Ifeanyi Momah, WR: Big and tall wide receivers are appealing, but Momah's inability to get open or avoid body catches make him a real project. While the Eagles now covet size, there needs to be talent to make something of a big body. Momah clearly isn't ready for the league.

Adrian Robinson, OLB: He was acquired for Felix Jones but was given little time to earn a roster spot. He is not practice squad eligible, so unless he gets picked up soon, he could be done after one season with the Steelers. He is a "dime a dozen" talent.

Matt Tennant, G/C: His talent made him a fringe player and his journeyman status made him a long-shot to stick. Tennant barely played last season and wasn't likely to make the roster from the jump. He may appeal to an older team with a serious need for interior linemen.

Everette Brown, OLB/DE: Brown showed up in the last three games of preseason after doing nothing during the summer. He was able to get to the quarterback with ease against the Jets, but that clearly was not enough to make the roster. Brown is pass rush specialist with no coverage ability and the Eagles already had two of those guys in Brandon Graham and Trent Cole.

Antonio Dixon, NT: Dixon is a great guy but his talent is no longer appealing. Since his breakout season in 2010, he has been pretty much useless. He may have an uphill battle in getting work moving forward.

David King, DT: King was a seventh-round pick with limited upside. He has NFL talent but was clearly beat by the likes of Damion Square, Clifton Geathers and Vinny Curry for a roster spot. Cutting King is likely more about numbers than his actual talent. He should be on the practice squad.

G. J. Kinne, QB: Kinne is a real team player and a likable story, but his talent is lacking. He may be placed on the practice squad, but his future in the NFL is cloudy. A lot of the people were surprised his made it this long and rightfully so.

Matt Kopa, G/T: Kopa is one of those camp bodies that no one talks or cares about because he is at a position with little statistical backing. He likely would have been cut earlier if the Eagles didn't want to rest their starters against the Jets.

Joe Kruger, DE: The rookie was put on injured reserve because he was clearly not ready for the NFL. He is the youngest player on the roster and may need a year of learning schemes and gaining muscle before heading through the tunnels in a regular season game. He has massive potential, so the Eagles wanted to keep him around.

Michael Bamiro, OT: He had a popular status as an undrafted free agent but clearly is a project. He was demolished against the Jets in his first extended time of the preseason and likely needs to work on his pass blocking. The Eagles will pray he makes it through waivers and can be put on the practice squad.

Clay Harbor, TE: Harbor has received a lot of flack from the media and fans during his Eagles tenure. While the former small school standout did not have great numbers, he was a salvageable talent for the new coaching regime. The Eagles, however, picked Emil Igwenagu over him because of his blocking ability and versatility. While people may be shocked that Igwenagu made the team over Harbor, the former's ability to serve as an H-back, fullback, running back and tight end, made him more appealing. Of all of the Eagles' cuts, Harbor may be the most appealing player on the waiver wire.

Travis Long, OLB: The undrafted rookie showed potential after signing with the Eagles shortly be the preseason, but the team felt he needed time before being on the active roster. He can cover and rush, but it is likely a matter of teaching technique and possibly giving himself more time to recover from his college leg injury. Long is very likely on the practice squad radar for the Eagles.

Russell Shepard, WR: While he showed plenty on special teams, his offensive performance was underwhelming. Shepard has plenty of talent, but may need some more seasoning on the practice squad. The guy that beat him for the job, Jeff Maehl, needed two seasons on the Texans' practice squad in order to the an NFL roster.

Greg Salas, WR: The issue with Salas is that he is not a guy you feel is worthy to be developed slowly and he is also not a legit pass catcher. The man in the middle of both of those categories is now looking for work, even though he had two very impressive preseason games. Salas could find his way onto another roster looking for a fifth wide receiver.

Danny Watkins, G: The former Baylor Bear may go down as one of the most puzzling draft picks in Eagles history. As a very old, inexperienced guard, Watkins was exactly the opposite of what most teams target in the first round of a draft. He doesn't seem to be a huge fan of playing football, so don't be surprised if he is done playing. This cut has been two years in the making and Watkins was only in the league for two years.

David Sims, S: The second-year safety just seemed to never show up this offseason. He essentially served as a part-time special teams player last season and failed overtake Kurt Coleman as a starter. He is your typical fringe player and may get one more shot in the league.

Matthew Tucker, RB: The undrafted rookie's training camp started off poorly but he really made up for it in the preseason. In the end, numbers (not talent) sealed his fate on the Eagles' roster. With Bryce Brown and Chris Polk behind LeSean McCoy, there was little room for carries. Tucker is likely the Eagles' top target on the practice squad. Hopefully, he will pass through waivers.

Chris McCoy, OLB: The CFL product's dismissal is likely the most confusing of the moves this weekend. McCoy was excellent in three of his four preseason game and looked good in training camp. The Eagles likely found several players they liked at outside linebacker on the waiver wire, so they decided McCoy could be cut. He very well could end up on the Jets' roster in the next few days after his performance last week, when he had two sacks and a forced fumble.

Stay tuned to BGN for updates on the waiver wires, where the Eagles' cuts end up and the latest on the roster changes. You can follow Mike Kaye on Twitter at @mike_e_kaye.

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