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Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp 2013 Notes & Quotes - Monday 8/26/2013

Today's notes from the Eagles last open training camp practice at Lincoln Financial Field. Hear from Chip Kelly.

James Casey
James Casey

Let's jump right in to today's notes from Eagles training camp:

Practice Notes:

• No pads today. Shorts and shells only.

• Today was the first practice after the first round of cuts. Less players means more reps for the ones still around. Today was also the first day of open practice since Michael Vick has been named the starter.

• Guess which Eagles RB made extra effort on protecting the ball?

Later in practice Brown went down and needed assistance to get off the field. He spent some time at the trainer's table and had his ankle taped up before returning to practice. The Eagles dodged a bullet there.

Connor Barwin is still clearly the Eagles best OLB in coverage. He suffocated Celek in coverage and broke up a Vick pass.

James Casey hasn't been used a lot in preseason but I don't think it's because he's not any good. Chip's saving him for the regular season, I'd wager. He's had a good camp.

Bradley Fletcher broke up a couple passes. It hasn't been the smoothest preseason for him, but I have reason to believe he can play better than he has.

• The Eagles have a new pass rusher. Chip Kelly simulated rushing the passer (Vick) with his arms up during one rep. Move over, DeMarcus Ware and Clay Matthews. There's a new feared pass rusher in the NFL.

• Vick took too long to throw on some reps today. It led to a few passes being batted down as they reached the WR. Just as I noted this, Foles took too long to throw on a couple of his reps.

• With the Eagles lacking depth at CB, S Kurt Coleman was taking soem reps at CB.

Clay Harbor made an impressive one handed catch in the endzone on a Nick Foles throw. Unless he's traded (which I doubt), he's going to make the roster.

• FIGHT! A brief scrap between LeSean McCoy and Brandon Boykin. They were quickly separated.

Emmanuel Acho almost picked off a short Matt Barkley pass. He bobbled it in his hands before dropping it. It's been a good training camp for him as well.

• Attendance note: there were 12,000 people in attendance at the Linc today. 110,000 total for the five open practices. Well done, Eagles fans.

• Former Eagles at practice: Ike Reese, Vince Papale, Irving Fryar.


HC Chip Kelly

• Chip said the Eagles starters won't play against the New York Jets on Thursday night in the preseason finale.

• Nick Foles will start on Thursday. Matt Barkley will also get a lot of reps.

• Chip said he's been impressed with Donnie Jones. Clear winner of the punter battle.

• Chip seemed to say Bryce Brown's fumble wasn't as much the way he held the ball as much as it was the defender hitting Bryce well.

• Chip said there "will be a point in time" when DeSean's going to return punts this year.

Injury Notes:

• Did not practice: OL Allen Barbre (illness), OL Matt Tennant (illness), OL Dennis Kelly (back), CB Curtis Marsh (hand), CB Brandon Hughes (hand), OLB Phillip Hunt (ACL).


Up next: Today was the last day of Eagles training camp open practice. They have two more closed practices after today (Tuesday, Wednesday) and then their last preseason game against the Jets on Thursday.

So this is your last Eagles training camp notes post for 2013! Thanks for following all of my coverage here at BGN - I hope you enjoyed it. To see all of BGN's training camp coverage in one place - click here. To all see my training camp practice notes in one place - click here.

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