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Eagles-Jaguars Q&A with Big Cat Country

Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country answered 5 questions for us about tonight's matchup against the Jaguars.

The Eagles take on the storied Jaguars franchise this evening.
The Eagles take on the storied Jaguars franchise this evening.

1) If I recall correctly, you weren't in love with the idea of drafting an OT with the 2nd overall pick, pre-draft. Has your thinking on that changed at all, and what do you see out of Luke Joeckel so far?

You recall correct, I was not about drafting a right tackle with the second overall pick at all, and wanted the team to draft Dion Jordan. My thinking still hasn't really changed, as pass rush is still a huge concern for the team, but Joeckel has been a stud through training camp and looked good in his first preseason game. He's made the flip He should help out the team overall, but I'm not sure I'll ever be happy with a right tackle at the second overall pick.

2) The Jags have an interesting group at WR. Is that the biggest strength of the team?

As odd as it sounds the wide receiver group might be the strength of the team, when they're all on the field. Cecil Shorts is back and through training camp looked dominant as ever, but he's been limited in the preseason with a calf injury. Blackmon made his return last week against the Jets and dominated rookie Dee Milliner, and then rookie Ace Sanders has been one of the best receivers all camp. If they're all healthy and not suspended, it could be a nice group for the Jaguars.

3) With that WR group and an improved OL, what are the expectations for Blaine Gabbert this season?

The expectation for Gabbert is to be a "functional passer" with the upgrade to the receiver group and the offensive line. The right tackle position was a disaster last year, as was the left guard spot due to injuries, but if he has time to throw and can stand in the pocket he could have a decent season. By decent season I mean something like 3,000 yards and 18-20 touchdowns. If they can get that out of Gabbert, at the least, they've done a great job coaching.

4) Before the Eagles snagged Chip Kelly out of the clear blue sky, it was looking like Gus Bradley was going to be their hire. Are you happy so far with Gus, and what are Eagles fan missing out on with him?

So far Gus Bradley has been a delight, especially compared to Jack Del Rio and Mike Mularkey the past two seasons. Both coaches before were ultra guarded, even fining players for talking about injuries (Mularkey). Bradley however has been extremely open with the media about injuries and when players are/are not doing well in practice or games. He's also got an infectious and excitable personality. It's still the honeymoon stages in Jacksonville, but the players all seem to find him a relief over the past two coaches.

5) If you could steal any Eagle and put them on the Jags, who are you taking?

If I could steal any Eagle player and put him on the Jaguars it would probably be Brandon Graham. The Jaguars still don't have a pass rush right now and Graham would seem to fit that hybrid LEO role, which is a stand up/down end in Bradley's defense.

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