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BGN Podcast - Reaction to Michael Vick being named Eagles starting QB

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Episode 2 of Bleeding Green Nation's Take the Points podcast focuses on the reaction to Chip Kelly naming Michael Vick as the Eagles starting quarterback.

Your hosts Brandon Lee Gowton and Mike Kaye discussed the following:

• Immediate reaction to Vick being named the starter. Was it a good decision? (Hint: Yes)

• How good can the Eagles be with Michael Vick as the starter? Playoffs? More?

• What does this news mean for Nick Foles?

• Evaluating the Eagles QB competition. How effective was it?

• How good can Michael Vick be in 2013? How do injuries factor in?

• WHAT NOW FOR DENNIS DIXON?! How about GJ Kinne?! And other closing thoughts.


Here are the posts I referenced in this podcast:

Vick named Eagles starting quarterback

Chip Kelly makes the right call by starting Michael Vick

Redskins brag about having the best 3rd string QB in the NFL

Here are the Vick/Foles stats I referenced:

Michael Vick - (30 snaps) 13 comp, 15 att, 86.7 completion %. 199 yards, 13.3 yards/attempt, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 sack, 113.2 QB rating.

Nick Foles - (31 snaps) 11 comp, 14 att, 78.6 completion %. 100 yards, 7.1 yards/attempt, 0 TD (1 rushing), 1 INT, 1 sack, 1 fumble lost, QB rating 66.7.

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