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Are injuries impacting your fantasy football draft plans?


The NFL season is just three weeks away, which means the fantasy football season is inching closer as well. With little time before the start of the regular season, if you play fantasy football, your league drafts are just days away or have already been completed.

The league has dealt with a rash of injuries that have impacted some solid offensive stars. While you may have targeted the likes of Jeremy Maclin, Michael Crabtree and Dustin Keller in middle rounds, those players are now off the table. Even superstar fantasy commodities like Houston's Arian Foster (hasn't practiced since OTAs), Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew (just activated from PUP) and New England's Rob Gronkowski (has been out all offseason after several surgeries) are dealing with the injury bug. It also seems like an abnormal amount of injuries have also destroyed the season for several low-level role players as well.

Injuries can also impact those who aren't injured. For instance, the Packers are without their left tackle and Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are struggling with injuries of their own. How will those medical issues impact a guy like Aaron Rodgers? Several teams have lost minor and major role players, so it is worth questioning the stability of your targets without their teammates being on the field.

How are these injuries impacting your draft strategy? Is there a certain position you are targeting early due to the lack of depth across the league? Which fantasy prospects are you staying away from?

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