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DE/OLB Phillip Hunt tears ACL, becomes 4th Eagles player to do so


The vicious and unfortunate ACL injury has struck the Eagles yet again. This time, Phillip Hunt is the victim.

It's been known Hunt has been missing practice with a knee injury, but it was a surprise to hear the nature of the injury was this extreme. This is a pretty unfortunate situation for each side.

Hunt's ACL injury marks the 4th one this off-season for the Eagles. Jeremy Maclin, Jason Phillips, and Arrelious Benn are the others. Unlike the other injuries, however, this one didn't occur on the infamous "ACL field" at the NovaCare facility, as Reuben Frank tells us:

This news bodes well for OLB Chris McCoy's chances of making the final roster. McCoy's chances were looking good anyway, but this all but locks him in. He's certainly looked comfortable in coverage.

Hunt was originally acquired by the Eagles in 2011. He played as a 4-3 defensive end prior to making the switch to OLB this year under the Eagles new 3-4(esque) defense.

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