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Who are the all time overrated Redskins?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports has continued their list of overrated and underrated players from each franchise and finally reached the Redskins. We've previously taken a look at the most overrated Giants and Cowboys if you want to see those.

But today is about the Redskins.

First, I did have some issues with their underrated list. On it, they had 2nd year RB Alfred Morris. He had a great rookie season, but now he belongs on an all time underrated list? And let's not even start on the list of backs who've had one or two great seasons on under Mike Shanahan...

Really this underrated list is horrible. Art Monk is on it and he's in the Hall of Fame. Same for Darrell Green, who not only is in the Hall, but was always held in regard during his playing career. These guys were great, but they're not underrated by a long shot.

Onto the overrated list, that was pretty bad too, but they did hit on the two names I immediately thought of. One was DeAngelo Hall, who we all know about... But the other was one you might have forgot. Adam Archuleta.

"Remember "Arch Deluxe?" Yeah, Redskins fans wish we could discontinue him from our memory the way McDonald's discontinued that menu item. Archuleta was the highest-paid safety in NFL history at the time. Toward the end of the 2006 season, the guy couldn't get the splinters out of his rear end as he was relegated only to special-teams duty. To make it worse, the player he replaced in Washington -- Ryan Clark -- joined the Pittsburgh Steelers and thrived. With questions circulating before he signed his deal about how he'd fit into Gregg Williams' scheme, the Archuleta acquisition remains a head-scratcher."

So who is your most overrated Redskin?

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