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The starting quarterback battle will determine Dennis Dixon's fate with the Eagles


No matter where you turn, everyone has an opinion on the Eagles starting quarterback competition. Local pundits and fan seem divided on predictions, while the national media pretends there isn't a competition at all. The quarterback unit will only have one starter, but the remaining cast of talent will be greatly impacted by who wins the job at the end of the preseason. Rookie Matt Barkley is seemingly the only member of the position group to at least be locked into a roster spot, leaving even Michael Vick and Nick Foles subjected to the possibility of being in a new city in September.

Former Oregon star and two-time Super Bowl winner Dennis Dixon is among the group of quarterbacks who will compete for the Eagles during training camp and into the preseason. While Dixon has been pretty much written off as a contestant for the battle to start, he is in Philadelphia to win a spot on the roster. With the Eagles likely to only hold three quarterbacks, Dixon must fend off G.J. Kinne and the starting competitors to remain on the team.

Initially, the majority of the Eagles fanbase was convinced that Dixon was signed to be Michael Vick's backup and that Foles was not going to be on the roster for very long. In April, the team drafted Barkley and essentially confirmed that Chip Kelly will play any style of quarterback that allows him to score the most points. With Foles still in the mix and Barkley serving as Kelly's first quarterback draft pick, it seems that the future is coming quicker than some predicted when Vick reworked his deal with the Eagles. Dixon, who seemed to be the perfect backup for Vick, now seems to be hurt by the veteran's presence.

The Eagles refused to trade Foles during the draft and he is competing for the starting job. Being that he is still very young, it would be more than understandable to keep the former third round pick on the roster, if Vick beats him out to be the starter. However, with Vick's increased age and locker room stature, it would most likely behoove the Eagles to deal the veteran if he loses to Foles. The reason why that impacts Dixon is because with only 3 spots, if Foles and Vick are retained with Barkley, there is no room for the former Steeler. If Vick is jettisoned, Dixon could then make the roster in a Rex Grossman-esque role.

The need for Dixon's experience in the league and in Kelly's offense is really only needed if he is the only veteran quarterback on the roster. While it would not be redundant to keep Vick and Dixon, it may not make sense to get rid of Foles when his market will likely dip if not named a starter. A team with injuries is more likely to acquire a veteran over a young upstart, so Vick's value outweighs Foles' trade clout.

It now seems that instead of being a "packaged deal" with Vick, Dixon is more likely linked to the former Pro Bowler in the opposite scenario. While there is a chance Foles is dealt, the smart money would be on a Vick trade due to value and age, if Dixon were to stay. If Vick win the quarterback battle, it could signal an end to Dixon's tenure with the Eagles.

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