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Patrick Chung thought Aaron Hernandez was a "good kid"

Former Patriot Patrick Chung was a guest of a Boston radio station this weekend to talk, or more specifically not talk, about Aaron Hernandez.

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Current Eagles safety and former Patriot Patrick Chung joined WEEI in Boston this weekend to talk about a range of issues including his work with children in the Boston area and, of course, Aaron Hernandez.

The conversation began with Chung being asked about the differences in playing under Bill Belichick versus Chip Kelly.

"Everybody's different but they have the same goal," he said. "They wanna win and they do whatever they have to to do it. But I love Chip man. Chip's cool already. We're having a lot of fun out there and let's just say, he wants you to work hard."

The hosts remarked that "fun" was rarely ever a word used by players to describe Bill Belichick. They also noted that the last time they talked to Chung, he seemed very careful about answering any questions and didn't seem to feel free to talk. They asked if now with the Eagles under Kelly whether he feels more able to be open about how things worked back when he was in New England?

Chung simply replied that he couldn't say anything about that time, that he was with the Eagles now and totally focused on that.

So yeah... the shadow of Belichick looms large.

The conversation quickly turned to Aaron Hernandez, who Chung played with in New England.

"I'm shocked. He's a cool kid... but it's not my responsibility or business to talk about that stuff. He's a good kid and hopefully everything works out for the best."

The hosts pressed Chung but he made it clear he had no interest in discussing anything related to Hernandez. Whether it be his thoughts on the case, previous observations about Hernandez or anything. He just said it's not his business.

It was an interesting to hear a former teammate of Hernandez more or less avoid taking a stance altogether as at least a couple of other current/former Patriots have been somewhat outspoken about him. Matt Light more or less said he knew Hernandez was trouble from the start, whereas Deion Branch has spoken out in support of Hernandez and says he hopes that his former teammate is innocent.

However Branch, much like Chung, while giving some words of support, was careful not to take any actual stance on his innocence or guilt.

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