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Who are the all time overrated Cowboys?

Christian Petersen

Like they did first with the New York Giants, posted their list of the most overrated and underrated Cowboys. If you're interested in who they thought is underrated, check out the article... But for our purposes we're taking a look at those overrated members of "America's Team."

There are just so many candidates for my favorite overrated Cowboy, both on this list and not. Roy Williams (either one really, take your pick), Andre Gurode (who hilariously made 5 Pro Bowls despite being a center who couldn't snap the ball), but I think my absolute fave is Marion Barber.

I won't argue with Madden. Marion "the Barbarian" was a closer ... for about two and a half seasons. That was the problem. Barber couldn't sustain his physical style of play, and considering he never once gained 1,000 yards, he probably was credited a bit too much. Cowboys fans loved how he ran over people, but part of that was because Barber was punishing defensive backs on second-and-five, when the defense didn't play eight in the box. The starter, Julius Jones, often was the running back getting the ball on first down. This isn't to say Barber couldn't play. He was awesome at inflicting punishment. His short stint as a productive back and limitations -- he was never going to threaten Tony Dorsett's 99-yard run -- made him a bit overrated at the time.

Barber was so absurdly overrated by both Cowboys fans and announcers that I think he even passes Brandon Jacobs as the most overrated NFC East RB of this generation. Don't get me wrong, Barber was a hard worker and had the right attitude but simply running hard doesn't make you actually good. He's the perfect example of why an offensive line, not a "big back" is the real key to "closing" as John Madden always put it.

Case in point... I'm sure you all remember this happy Christmas?

So who is your favorite all time overrated Cowboy?

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