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Former and current Eagles comment on Riley Cooper's racist remarks

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Riley Cooper is understandably in hot water following his racial comments that were video taped at a Kenny Chesney concert. Cooper has gone on to apologize and the Eagles and NFL have commented on the situation. Former and current Eagles are now making their opinions known after Cooper met with his teammate on Wednesday night.

BGN's Jimmy Kempski was able to grab video of Cooper's press conference:

Following the press conference in front of a brick wall, Cooper met with teammates. After the meeting Mike Vick spoke with the local media:

Jason Avant sounds like some Eagles' players may need some time to get over Cooper's remarks:

However, Avant understands the position Cooper is in:

Avant also doesn't think Cooper is a racist:

DeMeco Ryans says the Cooper's comments don't change his views on his teammate:

Fletcher Cox is sympathetic to Cooper's situation following his comments:

Jeremiah Trotter, who is not afraid to speak his mind, made this declaration:

Ike Reese had a bit of fun with Eagles' fans and Cooper's situation:

Hugh Douglas basically acted like he wasn't even surprised:

No matter how you feel about this situation, it is a no-win incident for the Eagles. Let's not forget that whether you're white, black, Asian or a pterodactyl, you love football and you love the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mike Update: I am closing the comment section because this is no longer about football and frankly that is the only type of conversation that should happen here. We all have opinions, myself included, but following the intial reaction to Cooper's comment I just think we need to end this conversation.

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