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Former Eagles in the news: Andy Reid's old linebackers are all the rage

The former Eagles news is heating up! Well, not really but blurbs have been popping up here and there in regards to the former Philadelphia football players. In fact, all former Eagles linebackers that aren't retired and aren't named Chris Gocong can raise their hands when asked if they have a job. Also, a handful of former Eagles are fighting for starting jobs in the AFC (and no one knows why).

  • Just in case you didn't already feel bad for Phillip Rivers, know that King Dunlap is the front-runner for the Chargers' starting left tackle spot. The massive former 7th round pick is fighting for the gig against former Steeler Max Starks. Dunlap had to take some time off due to injury (surprise!), so Starks was able to take reps recently. For the majority of training camp, Dunlap has been the block on the blindside. We wish you well, Phillip.
  • According to ESPN Cleveland, former Eagles' running back Dion Lewis is apparently turning heads at Browns' training camp. When he's not calling out Aaron Hernandez's alleged accomplices for being snitches and bad friends, Lewis is making plays on the field. The Pittsburgh alum was essentially traded for an orange turtleneck (Emmanuel Acho) earlier this offseason. Lewis is a very good receiver and is fast, but his size likely hampers his ability to be anymore than a role player. He may end up becoming the backup to Trent Richardson.
  • Jaiquwan Jarrett is fighting for a starting safety spot with the Jets (yes, you read that correctly). The former Eagles' second round pick is looking to not only turn his career around, but actually make it stick this time. The Temple alum is competing with former undrafted free agent Antonio Allen for the spot opposite Dawan Landry. Yes, the Jets' safety position is worse than the Eagles. Hooray!
  • A special Mazel Tov to former Eagles' linebacker Joe Mays. His sixth season in the NFL will be played with the Houston Texans. Mays is joining the team that criticized him for his hit on quarterback Matt Schaub. The hit ripped part of Schaub's ear off. Mays was cut by the Denver Broncos a few weeks ago after they deemed his play didn't match his high price tag (thanks Josh McDaniels). The former sixth round pick has starting experience and will serve as depth at inside linebacker for the Texans.
  • Dimitri Patterson is now starting for the Miami Dolphins. In case you think that's a joke, there is a link. Patterson has played for Miami and Cleveland since leaving Philadelphia. After two good games for the Eagles in 2010, Patterson basically faded into a Patrick Swayze-esque ghost on defense. He did well for the Browns in nickel and got a stupid extension from former Eagles general manager and all-around fun guy Tom Heckert. Patterson's contract is still on the Dolphins books because they picked him up on waivers at the end of last season. Rookie cornerback Jamar Taylor and journeyman Richard Marshall are nipping at his heels.
  • Kevin Kolb is competing with E.J. Manuel for the first-string quarterback position and is getting more reps with the starters than the former Seminole. If you think this is an awfully sad battle for quarterback, check out Oakland, Jacksonville and the Jets. Still, the winner of this battle is likely an immediate downgrade from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Kolb should receive more reps because of his success last season before injury and his experience. The upsetting part of this story is that the battle is actually news.
  • Former short-stint Eagles' offensive lineman Steve Vallos has signed with the Broncos. Yeah, I understand that you're not sure who he is, but this is a former Eagles' news article.
  • Marvin McNutt is inching closer to a spot with the Dolphins, mostly because of injuries. Armon Binns and Rishad Matthews were doing really well in camp before getting injured this weekend. I actually was at Dolphins' training camp when Binns tore his ACL and MCL. He fell weird and it looked bad, but didn't expect an ACL as he got up on his own power. Anyway, McNutt has looked good in camp in his first week but is likely still a fringe guy until he puts on some really good preseason tape. It does help that his wide receivers coach worked with him in Iowa.

  • We have an Omar Gaither sighting! In case you didn't know, Gaither is still in the league and even played for the Raiders last season after one year in Carolina. The former Eagle is now back with the Raiders after a few months on the market. He is a solid special teamer with a lot of experience as a backup and a starter. Oakland could use all the help they can get and Gaither is now apart of a holy former Eagles trinity known as "Gaither, Hansen and Clayton." No, they are not a folk group or a even a Rush cover band, but they are made up of Gaither, Joselio Hansen and Keenan Clayton. So at least there's that.

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