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Filed under: makes some odd choices for its Eagles all-time overrated/underrated list has been doing a countdown of every team in the league's most overrated/underrated players of all-time over the past several weeks. While the countdown is just fodder for the dead period, the website has at least given fans something to talk about. Today, the website released it's lists for the Eagles and some of the choices will leave you scratching your head.

First off, the panel of two (Bill Suddell and Chris Law) lists Clyde Simmons as both overrated and underrated. The 2nd all-time sack leader for the franchise gets dual treatment because while he had a league-high 55 sack from 1989 to 1992, he also played across from Reggie White. Now while I guess there is logic in saying that White took most of the double-teams, Simmons was absolutely dominant. When you consider that Jared Allen and DeMarcus Ware are among the best pass rushers in the league currently, you have to ask yourself "Why aren't Brian Robison and Anthony Spencer dominating opposing offensive lines?" It's pretty simple. Simmons was just great and was fortunate to be across from the best pass rusher the team has every seen. Law claims Simmons was overrated because he averaged 11 sacks per season with White and 7 sacks per season without him.

Next, Law ranks Todd Pinkston among the team's most overrated players of all-time. WHAT?!?! Granted, Law does acknowledge that his choice of Pinkston makes very little sense when considering fan and media perspective. The writer claims that since the front office viewed Pinkston as a number one wide receiver for several years, that Eagles themselves overrated him. If that is your criteria for overrated then you might as well add Chris Gocong, Moise Fokou, Ellis Hobbs, Kurt Coleman, Greg Lewis, Thomas Tapeh, Winston Justice and Jamar Chaney to the list.

Lastly, Law names Norm Van Brocklin as an overrated player. I am pretty sure that Law is not old enough to remember NVB's playing days, but still this has be considered nonsense. "The Flying Dutchman" went to nine Pro Bowls and won two championships (one with the Eagles) during his career. I am also not sure how he can be considered overrated when Donovan McNabb is popularly dubbed as the "best quarterback in franchise history." Just seems like a blatantly poor pick to me.

The entire underrated list includes Simmons, Tommy Thompson, Irving Fryar, Bill Bradley and William Thomas. The overrated list contains Simmons, Pinkston, Van Brocklin, Nnamdi Asomugha and Ricky Watters.

What do you think of the lists? Is Simmons overrated or underrated? Does anyone appreciate Todd Pinkston?

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