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Who is the Eagles QB nemesis? You'd be surprised

If you had to guess the QB that has done the most damage against the Eagles in their history, who would it be? Presumably, it would have to be a QB who played more or less his entire career in the NFC East, so he would have played the Eagles twice every year and had more opportunities to rack up stats.

There's a pretty impressive list of NFC East QBs to choose from. Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Y.A. Tittle, Sammy Baugh... and those are just the hall of famers.

However, a recent study by Football Perspective found that the man who threw for more yards against the Eagles than any other QB is... Jim Hart, who threw for 4580 yards in 26 career games against the Eagles.

Hart played 17 of his 18 year career in St. Louis as a member of the then NFC East residing Cardinals. He finished his career up in Washington. Amazingly, he has thrown for more yards against both the Eagles and the Redskins than any other QB. He's also the top QB in terms of TDs thrown against both the Redskins and Cowboys.

In terms of TDs against, the all time leader facing the Eagles is actually Eli Manning who has thrown 35 TDs in 18 career games. That's relatively low on the list of TDs against a particular team (Dan Marino threw 72 TDs against the Jets!) but Manning has another solid 3-5 years to build that lead.