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NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah talks about the Eagles on 97.5 the Fanatic

97.5 the Fanatic had Daniel Jeremiah on the Bruno and Mayes show today, and Jeremiah had some interesting things to say. Here are some hand-picked quotes from Jeremiah about the Eagles' situation at WR, the QB competition,and more...


On whether Jeremiah thought the Eagles would pursue outside help at WR, after losing Jeremy Maclin:

I don't know if there's too much to get excited about that's on the street right now, to aggressively go sign somebody. I think you'll probably see them work some of these guys out, if somebody fits what they want to do. But that's a position where they actually do have some depth, and for me, right now, it's go time for Riley Cooper.

One thing about Chip Kelly and that offense, he likes the bigger guys, he likes the physical guys. The speed... They had a lot of guys at Oregon who were real, real fast, but the speed and the pace is a little overrated. He had some big physical receivers who can really block in the run game and can go up and get contested balls. That kind of describes what Riley Cooper is.

On whether the Eagles will even miss Jeremy Maclin, since the focus may be on the TE position:

He's a really good player, so you don't want to lose good players this time of year. I think when you look at the scheme, the tight ends are going to be involved. You're going to see those backs catching a lot of swing passes, that are like extended handoffs in the passing game. You're going to see some of the bigger wide receivers on some of those slant and go routes, but Jeremy and DeSean don't really fit the mold of what Chip has used (at WR) at Oregon.

I think the tight ends and the backs are going to be a big part of this thing, and then put those smaller guys in the slot. It's not an ideal situation to lose Maclin, but there are a lot of other guys higher on the priority list that could have put them behind the 8-ball.

On the Eagles' starting QB situation:

The way I look at it, Mike Vick kind of has to be a convincing winner in the derby to be the starter. If it's close, it makes too much sense to go with Nick Foles because of his youth, and let him grow in the system, and see if you could possibly have a long-term answer. So to me, for Mike Vick to win it, he has to win convincingly.

If Vick loses the starting job, can he stay on the roster?

I think he can. You talk about a guy like E.J. Manuel up in Buffalo, and you talk about easing him in, and doing a package of plays. Maybe you flip the script and start the younger guy in Foles, and use Vick as a backup , and you use Vick in those small packages, where you can still run some of that stuff that Chip Kelly likes to do with the QB.