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Training camp over-under and pick 'em contest

This should be pretty self-explanatory. Make your guesses in the comment section below.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Date the Eagles pick a starting QB: August 30.5 (Over is after 30.5, under is before 30.5)
  2. Michael Vick, Nick Foles, or Matt Barkley?
  3. Eagles players that go on IR by the end of August: 1.5
  4. Number of TEs/H-backs the Eagles keep: 3.5
  5. Number of WRs the Eagles keep: 5.5
  6. Is Jason Avant with the team Week 1?
  7. Number of RBs the Eagles keep: 3.5
  8. Who is the 3rd RB? (I'll determine 3rd RB if they keep 4).
  9. Number of players currently on the roster who are traded by the time the season begins: 1.5
  10. Brad Wing or Donnie Jones?
  11. Of the 3 players on the team listed at 6'8 (Dennis Kelly, Michael Bamiro, and Clifton Geathers), name the ones who make the team.
  12. Does Danny Watkins make the team?
  13. Who starts at safety Week 1?
  14. Name 3 guys who go on the practice squad.
  15. Number of rookies who make the team: 8.5