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BGN's Mike Kaye on the Tony Modiac Show in Jacksonville

This is not Mike Kaye...
This is not Mike Kaye...
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Every month for the last year or so, I typically do a spot on the Tony Modiac Show on Sports 930 in Jacksonville, Florida. The show is based in Jacksonville but covers mostly the national sports scene. Modica replaced Pete Prisco a few years ago when Prisco left the station. I joined him on Thursday to talk about the Eagles and the Dolphins, who I cover in a freelance role for a few small publications down south. The first half of the spot is about my trip to Miami's training camp this week, so if you are just a fan of the NFL, it's nice a listen. The second half is all Eagles and Modica asked me some pretty interesting questions. We talked about the running back stable, the quarterback battle, James Casey and prospects of the 2013 season.

The spot runs for a little over 15 minutes and according to Dan Klausner is worth a listen. Hope you enjoy it because Brandon Lee Gowton and I will soon be debuting our own podcast that will accompany Jimmy Kempski and Tommy Lawlor's eargasmic show (Jimmy can I have raise now?!?).