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Forget the sconces: Cary Williams arrives two days early to Eagles' training camp


Don't let his absence from May's OTAs fool you, Cary Williams is committed to his craft in Philadelphia. According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Williams is so dedicated to the team, that he showed up two days early for training camp. The four-year veteran's early arrival comes after two months of ridicule from fans and the local media, following his aforementioned hiatus from Eagles' practice.

McLane reports that according to new defense backs coach John Lovett, Williams was the first cornerback to arrive at the NovaCare Complex for training camp. Lovett added that Williams has been watching tape in preparation for the field work that he will start on Friday. The former 7th round pick out of Washburn is coming off a Super Bowl season with the Baltimore Ravens and signed a three-year deal with the Eagles at the starting free agency.

The fanbase has seemingly been divided over Williams commitment to the team after skipping OTA's for his daughters recital and to oversee the building of his new home, but this news certainly debunks his "lack of dedication" talk. Williams is a veteran, who took advantage of a written rule (voluntary practice) and ignored an unwritten rule. Keep in mind, he did show up to all mandatory workouts. Also, Williams has said that he doesn't care what the fans think, but his early arrival may get him out of the dog house whether that was his intention or not.

Does this news change your perception of Williams? Why didn't we know about this sooner? Is there a bat cave at the NovaCare Complex where you can press a key on a piano and be transported to a secret film room?!?!?!?