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Eagles training camp 2013: How much do players make and other camp trivia

NFL players and owners have negotiated a relatively strict set of rules governing how training camp is run.


The NFL players association sent out a memo yesterday explaining the basics of training camp from a player's perspective. Here's a few of the interesting points.

During camp, veterans make $1,700 and rookies make $925 per week. So if you are, for instance, an undrafted rookie and you make it to final cuts you'll have pulled in a cool $5,500 for your 5-6 weeks of work. A veteran will have made about $10k.

Day 1 is only for testing, physicals and meetings. There are no on-field activities except running and conditioning.

For days 2 & 3 there are no pads and no hitting allowed.

From day 4 through the end of camp, the rules are as follows:

  • 1 padded practice for no more than 3 hours + 1 walk through
  • 3 hours between practices
  • 4 hours total on the field
  • A padded practice that goes more than 60 minutes and is then cancelled counts as a full practice

Mandatory days off include 1 in every 7 days and at least 5 days off during camp.

All players will participate in an HGH population blood study to determine what the normal levels of HGH in a player's body should be. The samples will be used for study only.

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