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Who is the most overrated Giant of all time?

USA TODAY Sports posted their list of the most underrated and overrated New York Giants of all time today and needless to say... it's a subject I'm sure us Eagles fans have plenty of opinions on.

Their overrated list is full of many of my favorite Giants who I've always said were overrated including Brandon Jacobs, Jeremy Shockey & Jason Sehorn. They also say Ron Dayne was overrated, but who ever thought Ron Dayne was good?

That said, one name did surprise me a bit, Justin Tuck.

As a captain, Tuck is supposed to be a leader on the Giants. The best leaders usually lead by example. Tuck hasn't exactly set the best example over the past two seasons, totaling just nine sacks in that time span. That doesn't cut it on a defense predicated on rushing the passer. The Giants had the NFL's second worst defense in 2012, allowing 383.4 yards per game. They clearly need more leadership from their captain. If he's going to lead the Giants to another world championship, Tuck needs to get off the Subway diet and start crushing opposing quarterbacks.

Tuck has suffered through a lot of injuries over the last couple seasons and certainly hasn't played up to his reputation. Although I do wonder whether just being an aging player on the decline makes you overrated? He is overrated right now, but will we see his career overall as overrated?

Moving on to their underrated list, it did include one of my actual favorite Giants Dave Megget, but it also fell victim to one of my biggest pet peeves, the permanently under-appreciated guy.

Eli Manning leads their list of the most underrated Giants. Yes, the same Eli Manning who is so underrated that he was the #1 pick in the draft, has made 3 Pro Bowls and was named Super Bowl MVP twice. There may have been a time several years ago that Eli Manning was underrated, but he isn't anymore. I think at this point most people don't underrate him, but most people do still think he's underrated.

For whatever reason, when a guy gets the underrated tag, it sticks forever. And before any Giants fans think I'm picking on poor Eli, I'll say it about one of our own. Trent Cole. There was a point where Trent Cole was underrated, but people spent so many years saying how underrated he was, he stopped being so.

But anyway... Getting back to the fun part, who are your most overrated Giants of all time?

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