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The Linc - Merrill Reese: "This is for my D boys"

Your daily Eagles links from around the web.


Merrill Reese's Dramatic Reading of DeSean Jackson's Rap Song "Diamonds on My Neck" - Enrico Campitelli, 700 Level

"This is for my D boys."

Birds expect more than 200k campers - Les Bowen, Philadelphia Daily News


Studying Chip Kelly's offense - Dan Gonzalez, Gonzalez Passing Game

Great X's and O's stuff here. Nice find by Tommy.

Eagles training camp preview: Tight End - Some hack, Allentown Morning Call

The TE position itself will be extraordinarily interesting to watch this season in Philly. However, in terms of a training camp competition, there isn't a whole lot of mystery.

Eagles invest $1 million in technology upgrades - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7

The Eagles have signed on with a company called Catapult Sports, which produces matchbook-size GPS devices packed with sensors that are worn on the uniform to measure things like agility, force and acceleration.

Anthony Spencer: The next Lawrence Taylor?

OK, so... A little background. I bet one of the commenters at BtB on the number of sacks Anthony Spencer would have in 2012. I had 9.5 or less, they had 10 or more. Spencer finished with 11, so I lost. For losing, I had to write a 500-word fanpost over there that praised Anthony Spencer at least 20 times. It would have been easy to just throw up some crap and get it over with, but I wanted to actually put some effort into it, maybe actually point out a few positive things about Spencer that hadn't been covered. However, that required time, something I haven't had much of this summer.

They got tired of waiting for this stupid thing, so they took to the fanpost section here at BGN, here, here, here, and here. Not a lot to do, I suppose. Anyway, the above link is the end result. I loved this tweet I received from our Giants friend, "Invictus XI."