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Jason Peters receives $2 million in lawsuit settlement


Jason Peters was one of, if not the best, Eagles players in 2011. He was arguably even the best left tackle in the entire NFL. He was clearly going to be a critical factor in the Eagles hopes for 2012. But, as we all know by now, that didn't happen.

Instead, Peters suffered an Achilles injury in late March of 2012. Then, as if the initial injury wasn't unfortunate enough, he was re-injured in May when his "Roll-A-Bout" knee walker collapsed. Not only was it a big blow for Peters, but it also left fans even more upset after their original disappointment associated with the first tear. His absence on the field also contributed to the Eagles offensive line's poor performance.

(*WARNING* - Graphic photo of Peters' injury available here. Don't click unless you're absolutely sure you want to see it.)

Well, now there's some good news for Jason. After engaging in a lawsuit with the company who made the walker device that failed, Peters has been awarded $2 million in a settlement. Peters lawyer, Michael Trunk, claimed that the device was advertised to support up to 500 pounds, and Peters was clearly under that range weighing in at around 340.

It's nice to see this is all over now. Peters is fully healthy and ready to return to his dominance as one of the league's best LTs in the upcoming season.

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