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Philadelphia Eagles to sign Stony Brook OT Michael Bamiro

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No approved pictures of Bamiro were available, so here's the RB (Marcus Coker) he blocked for instead.
No approved pictures of Bamiro were available, so here's the RB (Marcus Coker) he blocked for instead.

A little wave has stirred in the otherwise quiet off-season time.

According to a report from Fox Sports reporter Mike Garfalo, the Eagles have signed Stony Brook OT Michael Bamiro.

Bamiro is an interesting case. He's a rookie, but he wasn't anticipating to be entering the NFL this soon. He was planning on returning to Stony Brook for his fourth and final year, but the NCAA declared him ineligible because of a year he spent at Pittsburgh in 2008. He didn't play football that year though. He was also ruled ineligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft (where no one was selected) that took place last week.

What its come down to is that Bamiro (unintentionally) skipped the NFL Draft process entirely, which means he was a unrestricted free agent able to sign with any team. The interest level in Bamiro was significant when teams became aware of Bamiro's free agent status: as many as 22 teams attended his workout.

For what it's worth, a number of draftniks had him projected as a mid-round pick in the 2014 draft. He certainly has a nice OT frame standing tall at 6'8" and weighing in at 335 pounds. I'd say signing a player like that without having to spend an actual pick on him is a good thing.

Here's what Billy Conaty, former NFL OL and Bamiro's agent, had to say about him courtesy of Fox Sports:

"He's huge. He has hands twice the size of mine, and I'm 6-3. The biggest thing teams love about him is he can bend well. At that size, being able to bend well and redirect is huge. His ceiling is a lot higher than most people's."

It's also interesting to note Bamiro was working out with former Eagles LT Tra Thomas prior to his signing. It's possible Thomas helped convince Bamiro to come to Philadelphia. Good looking out, Tra.

Bamiro will likely compete for a depth job at OT. The Eagles may look to stash him on the practice squad or the IR list if he shows promise.

Note: The Eagles roster now unofficially stands at 91 players. They will have to make a roster move to free up space when the Bamiro signing becomes official tomorrow to get it down to 90.