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The Linc - Size matters for Eagles defense

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Fan-Demonium: Where Size Will Help Most
We aren't real certain about what to expect from the Eagles defense in the 2013 season. One thing we do know is that the defense will be bigger. Chip Kelly believes that big guys beat up little guys. He values size and built the defense accordingly. This is a difference from Andy Reid and his emphasis on speed.

Will training camp erase Eagles' 2010 draft? | Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
The Eagles made 13 draft picks in 2010. Seven remain with the team. When training camp 2013 concludes, will any be left?

The schedule will be a big change for Eagles' Chip Kelly
The closest thing Chip Kelly has to Tennessee Tech on the Eagles schedule this year is the Oakland Raiders, which points up one of the differences between life in the NFL and college. It's part of Kelly's adjustment to his new job, where parity is commonplace and losing is more frequent.

Eagles' QB battle: Michael Vick, Nick Foles or Matt Barkley? -
New Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly is facing the arduous challenge of rebuilding an ultra-talented offense with three candidates -- Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley -- vying to be the triggerman. As each quarterback possesses a unique set of skills, Kelly must show unprecedented flexibility and adaptability when it comes to his offensive scheme. With training camp on the horizon, here is how I could see the Eagles' attack operating with each of the three different candidates at the helm:

Eight in the Box: Offseason regret - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Philadelphia Eagles: Spend some money on the secondary. The Eagles were the only NFC East team that had cap room to burn. Even though they needed to improve all four starting positions in the secondary, they chose to go the economic route, bringing in uninspiring cornerbacks Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams and safety Patrick Chung. Former Giant Kenny Phillips is a premium talent at safety, but they got him inexpensively as well, and the reason is a chronic knee problem that could keep him from ever playing for them.

Ranking the NFL's backup quarterbacks -
#6 Nick Foles, yet another Reid pupil, showed growth last season and has a chance to start in Philly if Vick stumbles

Chip Kelly Reveals Training Camp Details, Structure - Birds 24/7

“It’s going to be the same thing we did here,” Kelly said, referring to OTAs and mini-camps. “It’s not like we’re going to drastically change from what we did. If we did, then basically, we’re kind of full of crap on what we did in the whole offseason. It’s more of the same in terms of what our approach is.”