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Is Kerry Rhodes on the Eagles radar?


Kerry Rhodes' market seems to be heating up. According to the 30-year old safety, he is currently interested in four teams that presumably have mutual interest. The former Cardinal was interviewed by and explained that he will be back in league very shortly. "It's in the works," said the former Pro Bowler.

Solomon Crenshaw Jr. reports that Rhodes led him to believe that a contract could be signed in the next week or so. Rhodes is easily one of the top free agents still available and would likely upgrade his new team's safety group immediately. The Alabama native did not reveal the teams that are interested in him because he didn't want to mess up his leverage in negotiations.

Could the Eagles be one of the mystery suitors for Rhodes? It would definitely be a logical move. While the team has signed Pat Chung and Kenny Phillips and drafted Earl Wolff, the unit isn't really impressive on paper. With Phillips coming off an OTA period where he was basically on-and-off the field constantly, it would make sense for Howie and Co. add some more security to the roster. The team still has plenty of cash and a safety unit that features the underwhelming, inexpensive trio of Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman and David Sims competing for playing time, so a move would be easy to make. Also who could forget this:

Viewer discretion is advised:

A fair follow-up question would be: Why would Rhodes be interested in the Eagles? Well, for one, he'd likely be a guaranteed starter and make a decent amount of cash, given the team's salary cap flexibility at the moment. While the team is somewhat "rebuilding" there is always room for leaders and veterans. While 30 might have been old during the Andy Reid regime, it seems that Chip Kelly is just about putting the best players on the field, no matter how old or fragile as they are (looking at you, Phillips). Rhodes would play in a major market again and re-establish his high profile in the league if the team does well.

Rhodes ranked as the 4th best safety in the NFL last year by Pro Football Focus. He is a former Pro Bowler and been a solid player his entire career. He's also remained relatively healthy too. How many Eagles can say the same? Don't worry, I'll wait.

Would you be more secure with the Eagles safeties if Rhodes was part of the mix?

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