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Will mild expectations cause Eagles fans to skip road trips?

Al Messerschmidt

Fans are a fickle bunch. When a team is successful, fans show up in droves. However, for the most part, when a team is embarrassed on a weekly basis their admirers typically tend to stop going to games. The Eagles, who have won on a pretty consistent basis over the last two decades, have not felt the impact of a low expectations for sometime. With a new coaching staff and plenty of new faces in Philadelphia, fans are likely to be hesitant to drop serious cash on tickets to games.

The Eagles have had a loyal fanbase for most of their recent history and Lincoln Financial Field has been a packed house for most of its existence. However, where the fanbase really shows its pride and loyalty is on the road. If you've ever been to an Eagles road game, you know that the team's fans travel very well. In cities like Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa Bay and Atlanta, when the Eagles come to town, the crowd is typically split between the home and road teams. If you and your family plan to go on an Eagles road trip, you'll typically meet fellow fans the second you enter the home team's stadium gates.

Despite the fanbase's proven loyalty, the issue that most Eagles fans will face heading into this season is that the expectations for Chip Kelly and Co. are pretty low. With gas prices on the rise, ticket prices being incredibly pricey and hotel costs, fans may second guess traveling to see a potential loss. While every now and then you get a "Nick Foles vs. Tampa Bay" or a "Miracle in the New Meadowlands" victory that is etched in your memory forever, the loss factor (especially after the last two season) may cause some serious hesitation. The lack of confidence in the team could make for a pretty somber experience for fans that do decide to fork over the cash for a road game.

The one thing going for road games, as we've realized with our BGN brothers and sisters (myself included), is that Eagles fans are literally everywhere. If the team visits another in a city close to fans, they will typically attend, especially if the visit is extremely rare (AFC teams). Chances are that the Eagles games in Oakland and Denver will feature plenty Philadelphia fans. Still, the fanbase's road attendance will likely be impacted based on its first few performances. If the Eagles struggle early, the road could be very lonely for the team's traveling fans.

Are you planning on going on an Eagles road trip this season? If so, which game(s)?