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Philadelphia Eagles announce scouting staff changes


The Eagles today announced that they've made a number of additions and changes to their scouting staff. This likely completes a fairly extensive overhaul of the staff that Howie Roseman has undertaken over the past 18 months.

As Paul Domowich pointed out, just 4 guys remain on the staff who were with the team after the 2011 season.

This effort on the part of Roseman certainly serves as proof of Jeff Lurie's assertion that Howie really took control of the process after that 2011 season.

"We're very fortunate to have a strong scouting staff and these three hires are great additions to our team. They bring NFL scouting experience and have bright futures in the league," said Roseman.

"Our goal is to hire and promote the best people here and from around the league. This is a team effort; we all have a role to play and the more viewpoints we can kick around, the better. In the last couple of years, we've added some talented personnel men who have an incredible eye for talent in Tom [Gamble], Rick [Mueller], Ed [Marynowitz] and Tom [Donahoe] who come from a culture of winning to join our scouts and Anthony Patch who does a great job as our college director. We've been able to develop some youthful minds to the mix and are extremely excited about the direction we are headed."

The new additions are Michael Davis (Midwest Area Scout), Trey Brown (West Coast Area Scout) and Louis Clark (Pro Scout).

The promotions are:
· Ed Marynowitz was named Assistant Director of Player Personnel after spending his first year in Philadelphia as the Assistant Director of Pro Scouting
· Alan Wolking, who had worked as the Midwest Area Scout, was named Southeast Area Scout
· Mike Bradway, who was the Northeast College Scout, was named Eastern Regional Scout

The personnel department as a whole looks like this:

Tom Gamble - Vice President of Player Personnel
Anthony Patch - Director of College Scouting
Ed Marynowitz - Assistant Director of Player Personnel
Rick Mueller - Player Personnel Executive
Alec Halaby - Special Assistant to the General Manager
Tom Donahoe - Senior Football Advisor
Mike Bradway - Eastern Regional Scout
Michael Davis - Midwest Area Scout
Andy Speyer - Southwest Area Scout
Alan Wolking - Southeast Area Scout
Trey Brown - West Coast Area Scout
Louis Clark - Pro Scout
Brad Obee - College Scout/Coordinator
Jake Hallum - Senior Scout

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