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PFT unveils Philadelphia Eagles Mount Rushmore

The results are in, and there's a surprise!

The latest installment of ProFootballTalk's "Mount Rushmore" series features the Philadelphia Eagles. Leading up to this unveiling, we've done different versions of Eagles Mount Rushmores by coaching eras here at BGN.

Who made PFT's final cut? Mike Florio chose Chuck Bednarik, Andy Reid, Reggie White and Steve Van Buren.

For once, I actually agree with Florio on something. This is a reasonable selection that's representative of multiple eras of Eagles football.

The voters at PFT differed from Florio as they chose White, Bednarik, Randall Cunningham, and Brian Dawkins.

Chuck Bednarik (more on his legacy here) and Reggie White are easy selections that aren't worth debating. Andy Reid obviously wasn't a player, but he was the greatest coach in franchise history. The successful impact he's had on the organization was huge. Dawkins is definitely among the Eagles greats, but isn't a unanimous lock.

The biggest surprise there is Randall Cunningham. That's not to slight Cunningham, who was a pretty great player. The problem is that he's not even the franchise's best quarterback. Love him or hate him, that honor easily goes to Donovan McNabb. I have to imagine the McNabb vote suffers with people who simply didn't like him. The downfall of voting competitions like this one is that popularity, among other biases, can skew the results.

Even if you don't think McNabb is worthy of the vote, the argument for the much heralded Van Buren over Cunningham instead is strong.

PFT did note that the vote for the fourth spot was "as close as any vote [they've] ever conducted" so far in this series.

As of Tuesday morning, Randall Cunningham, Norm Van Brocklin, Steve Van Buren, and Donovan McNabb were bunched together for the final spot. As the day unfolded, it tightened up between Cunningham and Van Brocklin, with McNabb fading. Eventually, Cunningham pulled away, and Van Buren passed Van Brocklin for the fifth spot.

Remember, this series all boils down to being an arbitrary exercise that's just meant to strike up discussion about some of the greatest Eagles players in franchise history. It's just for fun.

That said, what does your final All-Time Philadelphia Eagles Mount Rushmore look like?

Below is Mike Florio talking about his picks on CSN.

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