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Rosenhaus seeking $400k from DeSean Jackson


Drew Rosenhaus has filed a grievance with the NFLPA against his former client DeSean Jackson seeking $400k in what he says are unpaid loans.

This from a report by Yahoo! Sports.

Rosenhaus is alleging that Jackson took multiple loans from him, beginning when Jackson hired Rosenhaus to represent him in November 2009 and continuing through March 2012, a source told Yahoo! Sports.

Jackson of course signed his new contract early last season, would have made the need for loans moot. Yahoo says that Jackson actually parted ways with Rosenhaus back in May.

Obviously none of us are privy to the deals or transactions that took place between Jackson & Rosenhaus there's no point in speculating. This is something that took place between those two and presumably the NFLPA is going to have to figure out.

That said, Rosenhaus is a professional agent and a lawyer, so I would bet he has his accounting in order.

In the end... I really don't care what happens here. This has nothing to do with football, it has nothing to do with the Eagles so whatever comes of this little dispute just isn't that important to me.

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