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Philadelphia Eagles are so perfect for Hard Knocks it won't happen

Every year, HBO produces a fantastic docu-series called Hard Knocks where they follow the trials and tribulations of an NFL team's training camp. At this point we do not know who they will be following this year, but it's pretty obvious who their #1 choice would have to be.

Your Philadelphia Eagles.

This is one case where I can pretty confidently state that I'm not being a homer here. Every football fan is interested in what Chip Kelly is doing here. Maybe it's in the hope/expectation that he'll fall flat on his face, maybe it's because they're mostly college football people interested to see how it translates, maybe it's because they think he'll be revolutionary. Whatever the reason, Chip Kelly will be running the most interesting training camp in the NFL this season and it's not close.

Don't take my word for it though. NFP's Joe Fortenbaugh says the Eagles are the "perfect fit."

How much time you got? Let's begin with the obvious, which is the fact that everybody and their mother is interested in what new head coach Chip Kelly has in store for the National Football League. Kelly's up-tempo, high-flying Oregon offense took the college football world by storm and many are wondering if he plans on bringing the same approach to the big leagues. We've also got a heated quarterback battle that includes the controversial Michael Vick, second-year signal-caller Nick Foles and fourth-round pick Matt Barkley.

He goes on note that DeSean Jackson would undoubtedly make for entertaining viewing and Jason Peters making his way back from injury is interesting, but beyond that it's a new era for the team. This is a franchise who is coming off a very successful 14 year run with Andy Reid at head coach who is now transitioning to something entirely new. New coach, new system, new style and a bunch of new starters.

Even if Chip Kelly wasn't who he is, this would still be a compelling scenario to watch.

But it is feasible? Fortenbaugh believes it's more possible than with any of his other most wanted Hard Knocks teams and points out that the Dolphins did it with a new coach last year. Chip Kelly has never been one to hide his team from the national spotlight, but then again he's also never been one to allow a ton of access either.

That was college though... Might he feel different about the pros? The problem is, all the factors that would make the Eagles such a great fit for Hard Knocks are also all the arguments against it. Would Kelly want the added distraction of camera crews on hand as he tries to complete the already daunting task of installing an entirely new offense, defense and overall football philosophy?

If reporters taking snap counts at OTAs is any indication, the QB competition will be compelling and closely watched enough. Will a TV show almost undoubtedly making that the central plot of it's coverage going to make that any less crazy? No...

So what do you say? Would you want the HBO cameras down at the NovaCare complex this year?

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