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Bryce Brown defends breeder, denies any involvement with dogfighting

Bryce Brown's dog does certainly not look a fighter.

via @BryceBrown_34

Yesterday, we found out that Eagles RB Bryce Brown's dogs were seized as part of an investigation into a breeder that they were staying with at the time. Brown's dog was returned, but the rest of the breeder's dogs remain in custody as part of investigation into Northland Pits involvement in suspected dogfighting.

Brown took to twitter today to not only deny any involvement in dogfighting on his behalf, but also to defend the breeder he chose to breed his dog, Ellis.

"My dog was returned to me quickly because it was obvious that she is not and never has been involved with dog fighting," wrote Brown. "Northland Pits is a respectable breeder which has unfortunately been the target of anti-breeding groups and "animal rights," activists who know nothing about what he is doing there, and assume it is related to dog fighting due to the breed of the dogs. He is a victim in this case, just as I am. He takes great care of his dogs and Eilis wouldn't have been breeding there otherwise."

Brown also posted a photo of he and Ellis.

Between that and the pic he released yesterday, it certainly does not seem like Brown's dog is any kind of vicious fighter. And as we've said, there's no indication that he's anything but a guy who loves his dog.

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