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Philadelphia Eagles Mount Rushmore: Dick Vermeil era

Check out our previous Eagles Mount Rushmores in this stream.


Over the weekend we started a new series where are looking to build Mount Rushmores of the notable eras in Eagles history. We started with the Andy Reid era then moved on to the Buddy Ryan era and now we'll take a look at the Dick Vermeil era.

You can make your Mount Rushmore however you like (as long as it's only 4 guys), but to help I listed all the most notable Eagles from the Vermeil era.

Let's call it, Mount Rushmeil!

Offense Defense/ST
Bob Brown Bill Bergey
Harold Carmichael Charlie Johnson
Harold Jackson Frank LeMaster
Jerry Sisemore Jerry Robinson
Ron Jaworski Roynell Young
Sam Baker Vince Papale
Stan Walters
Wally Henry
Wilbert Montgomery

One thing to note about these Buddy and Vermeil teams. Some of these players may not exactly be considered a core of those eras, they may have only overlapped a bit. But they do deserve to be on a list of great Eagles, so I added them into the best era I could.

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