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The Linc - Revisiting the 2004 Eagles

What a hopeful time it was...

NFL - Terrell Owens was just what 2004 Eagles needed - ESPN
The arrival of Terrell Owens gave the 2004 Eagles a big-play dimension and some much-needed swagger.

Someone Needs To Take Away The Keys To Donovan McNabb's Twitter
NFL Network analyst Donovan McNabb has tweeted two and only two things since Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder:

NFC mEdiocre – Blogging the bEast
Over the last 3 years, teams in the NFC East have averaged 7.75 wins. That’s not awful, but it’s obviously just below the league average of 8. The NFC East ranks 5th among the 8 NFL division in wins during that span.

Vince Papale: Screenings can keep you on the right side of the grass

It's with mixed emotions that I celebrate the 12th anniversary of my kicking colon cancer in the proverbial butt. That's because of the untimely deaths of two men that I admire greatly: Actor James Gandolfini and author/patriot Vince Flynn. Billy Joel says it best when he sings, "only the good die young!" One common thread between James and Vince is that they left their mark. They left legacies, which is a lot more than most can say we did!

Are the two recent murder arrests an NFL epidemic? | : Gwen Knapp Article
Not too long ago, the NFL clung to a quaint notion of due process, which spared it from tough decisions. But with the arrests of Aaron Hernandez and Ausar Walcott on attempted murder charges, Constable Roger Goodell will need to find a way to lay down the law.

CB Troy Vincent, Jr. commits to Penn State - Black Shoe Diaries
Yes, he's the son of THAT Troy Vincent. And now, he's the 12th member of Penn State's 2014 Recruiting Class.

Elsewhere in Philly sports

NBA Draft 2013: With Nerlens Noel and No Jrue Holiday, the Sixers Will Tank in 2014 - Liberty Ballers
The Sixers have made the biggest trade since... last August. This is insane. Sam Hinkie!

Sixers Hire San Antonio Spurs Assistant Brett Brown to be Head Coach - Liberty Ballers
The Sixers finally have a head coach. And he's a Spurs assistant.

Marcus Hayes Outrageously Wrong on Utley Contract - The Good Phight
It is hard for someone who should know better to be so wrong about something so obvious, but Marcus Hayes claims Chase Utley was overpaid by the Phillies for the last four years of his current contract. Mr. Hayes is utterly, completely wrong.

Brighten Up: A Positive Look At Some Union Numbers - Brotherly Game
Tired of feeling down on Philadelphia sports in general and the Union in particular? Take a few moments to see how the current boys in blue stack up against the league and some of its all-time greats

Flyers offseason 2013: Would Ray Emery be a good fit in Philadelphia? - Broad Street Hockey

Multiple sources are saying there may be a connection between the Flyers and their old pal Ray Emery if he reaches free agency. Is there a fit there?.

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