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Jamie Dukes is a Stupid Person

For some reason, Jimmy Kempski was both awake AND watching NFL Network at 6 AM this morning. What he witnessed was a typical dose of Jamie Dukes buffoonery.


Note: Unfortunately, there is no picture of Jamie Dukes in the SB Nation image search engine.

Our old friend and BGN graduate Jimmy Kempski (@Jimmy_Beast) was watching NFL Network at 6 AM. Only he can tell you why. On came Jamie Dukes to talk about the Eagles because, I guess, a misguided producer thinks he's qualified to do so. If you've ever listened to Dukes before, you know there are only two things he's qualified to do: bloviate/enrage and make Warren Sapp look insightful by comparison. That is his schtick, and he does it well. Very Skip Baylessy, except perhaps somehow with even less substance. True to form, Dukes didn't disappoint this morning. Jimmy has the scoop on this incredibly important story over at Blogging the Beast.

Kempski, in what might have been the easiest takedown of his journalistic career, eviscerated Dukes and showed that there's only one fool in all of this. The Dukes quote he transcribes, however, begins right after what I thought was the most eye-opening part:

"We already know Michael Vick is starting."

Oh, we do, Jamie? Does Chip Kelly know that, too? Would Michael Vick have made the comments he did a few weeks ago if that was the case? We don't know shit, and, as Jimmy flatly stated, neither do you. Then again, as we see all too often in today's world of devolved mainstream media, you don't have to know what you're talking about to be granted a platform to express uneducated and useless opinions. All you have to do is speak with confidence and conviction and possess the ability to rile up the masses.

It would have been easy for Dukes to do the bare minimum amount of research in order to find out that Michael Vick isn't the slam dunk starter already for 2013, and that he didn't take all the first team reps during minicamp. Since he obviously did no such thing, Jimmy obliged:

I hate myself for writing this post and addressing what Dukes said because that means he won and accomplished his goal to an extent. I submit to your power, dead period before training camp, and I will fish for content of any kind.

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