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NFL's Clown Shoes: All-Aaron Hernandez Edition


Oh to be a New England Patriot tight end. Rob Gronkowski has had so many surgeries throughout his young career that by the time he's done, he'll be able to trade scars with Frankenstein's monster. Jake Ballard is one of the few men to be part of an "unspoken rule" being broken, after he tore his ACL in the Super Bowl and was injury waived, only to be picked-up by the Patriots. And then there's Aaron Hernandez, who has been part of a ridiculously polarizing murder investigation. The former Gator's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend (yes, you read that correctly) was found dead close to the home of Hernandez near a rental car that was linked to the Patriot.

  • The 23-year old has been questioned by police after the victim was found a mile away from his mansion. While Hernandez was reportedly uncooperative with police initially, he eventually handed over his phone (in pieces) and allowed access to his security system (which was also destroyed). He also reportedly had his cleaning staff pull a "Lil Jon" and scrub the grounds.
  • Hernandez hasn't been charged yet, but reports have suggested that he will eventually be charged for his alleged involvement in the murder. He is reportedly expected to be charged with obstruction-of-justice this weekend. He apparently remains bashful about dealing with the fuzz.
  • According to a report by the Boston Globe, the police say that the victim, 27-year old Odin Lloyd, was shot "multiple times" in a park near Hernandez's home, where he was found. It's safe to say that he wasn't playing hopscotch with Hernandez and his buddies when they stumbled on a gun in the middle of the night when someone tripped and a gun went off. Although, I am pretty sure I saw that in a Bugs Bunny cartoon once.
  • Hernandez was turned away from the Gillette Stadium by the Patriots staff, when he tried to seemingly workout or borrow a hoodie from Bill Belichick. Clearly, Robert Kraft and Belichick want nothing to do with tomfoolery, unless involves coeds, model wives, or Ty Law.
  • According to a tweet by Sports Illustrated scribe, Greg A. Bedard, two teammates of Hernandez accused him of being "brazen" since receiving his lucrative extension last year. First off, I am shocked that a professional athlete, let alone two, know what brazen means. For those that don't know, brazen essentially means "being shameless" or a jerkoff. Apparently, his college background followed him to the league.
  • Speaking of college, several NFL teams reportedly passed on Hernandez in the 2009 draft because he hung out with a shady crew. He also reportedly liked using hemp for more than just making killer bracelets.
  • Oh, and then there's that whole thing about allegedly shooting a guy in the face in February. He was apparently being sued because the victim lost an eye in the ordeal. Why is there no police report? Anyway, the case was initially settled, but now that Hernandez looks shady for this current mess, the victim has refiled to get more money out of him.
  • Also, he reportedly threatened Wes Welker within weeks of being drafted by the Patriots and preferred not to be around his teammates off-the-field.
So while the NFL only has one clown shoe this week, it seems like this could be a serious black-eye for the league coming off the Javon Belcher shooting at the Chiefs facilities during last season. What do you think about this mess? Could the Eagles now have the best tight end group in football? Is Gronk still a bigger jackass than Hernandez?

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