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Eagles pegged as average in future power rankings


ESPN got their army of NFL contributors together to compile what they call their future power rankings. The idea is to the look at a team's current roster and overall program and project where the are likely to rank in the year 2016.

Last year, the Eagles came in at #7 in the same poll. This time around, they've fallen down to #17.

There has been much change in Philadelphia's roster this offseason with the arrival of Chip Kelly. On defense, the Eagles will probably be multiple in scheme, but it is unclear how former 4-3 defensive ends like Trent Cole factor in for the long haul. Three of the Eagles' starting offensive linemen are going into their ninth season -- Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, Todd Herremans -- but overall, Philadelphia has a very promising young core.

They do the rank based on a score in 5 different areas. Here's how the Eagles broke down.

Roster - 6.3/10

QB - 5.5/10

Draft - 6.5/10

Front office - 6.5/10

Coaching - 6.5/10

There's two big factors at work here. For one, not having a QB in place for the next 3 years is obviously a pretty big knock against this team in terms of a future power ranking. That much I agree with. Maybe Nick Foles or Matt Barkley do end up being the guy, but we simply don't know yet.

The other is just simple uncertainty with Chip Kelly and the new program. No one is sure what kind of NFL coach Chip Kelly will make. We have more information on what kind of GM Howie Roseman can be, but he did just get final say over moves this year, so in some ways the evaluation on him has only just begun in earnest.

So the fact that ESPN has the Eagles in the middle of the pack in terms of the future... I've got no problem with it. I really think it's more of a reflection of their uncertainty over the team rather than pessimism.

As for who they do like, the 49ers, Packers, Seahawks, Ravens and Patriots round out their top 5. The Pats pick is the real curious one given that Tom Brady will be 39 in 3 years.

The worst future prospects according to ESPN belongs to the New York Jets.

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