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Philadelphia Eagles Mount Rushmore: Buddy Ryan era

PFT has been voting on a Mount Rushmore of great players for every team. But what if for the Eagles, we broke it down by era?

Mark Wilson

In a series started yesterday, we here at BGN are constructing separate "Mount Rushmores" in which we try to find a consensus for the pivotal players of every major era of Eagles football. We started with the Andy Reid era, today we'll look at the Buddy Ryan era and on Monday we'll move on to Dick Vermeil.

One thing to note about these Buddy and Vermeil teams. Some of these players may not exactly be considered a core of those eras, they may have only overlapped a bit. But they do deserve to be on a list of great Eagles, so I added them into the best era I could.

We continue with the Buddy Ryan era, which young Eagles fans might not quite remember as it stretched from the mid 80s to the very early 90s. That said, most of the fanbase still looks back on this era with great fondness. This team was never nearly as successful as the Andy Reid teams, but Ryan's Eagles had more attitude than probably any era in Eagles history and fans really took to that.

You can make your Mount Rushmore however you like (as long as it's only 4 guys), but to help I listed all the most notable Eagles from the Ryan era.

Let's call it the Mount Ryanmore!

Offense Defense/ST
Fred Barnett Andre Watters
Keith Byars Clyde Simmons
Keith Jackson Eric Allen
Mike Quick Jerome Brown
Randall Cunningham Reggie White
Seth Joyner
Wes Hopkins

Make your Mount Rushmore in the comments and we'll see if we can come to a consensus. Next up will be the Dick Vermeil era.

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