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Would you want a Philadelphia hosted Super Bowl?

Streeter Lecka

We here in Philadelphia have long wanted a Super Bowl. But typically when he say that, we mean a Super Bowl win... not the actual game.

But that just may be what we get one day. Jeff Lurie has said more than one time this offseason that if the NY/NJ Super Bowl is a success, he'll he push for the game to be held in Philly.

"I will, yes. I will, if it's a success," Lurie said. "New York will help us."

Of course, the unstated but fairly obvious reason the NFL did decide to hold the big game up this way was because the Giants and Jets built a new stadium. The Eagles won't have a new stadium, but will they have spent $125 million over the next two years on a stadium revitalization project. Jeff Lurie may certainly argue that that investment is part of the reason he deserves to host a Super Bowl in Philadelphia.

Question is, would it be something we really would be excited about?

No doubt it would be fun for the eye of the nation to be on the city for a week and there'd be a lot of fun events in town. But then again, for those just trying to get to work or their home in South Philly, it could also be a bit of a headache as well. Plus, as much as the economic impact of the game will be touted, all too often host cities end up losing on big events like this.

But here's the thing... If you asked me whether I'd like to see the Super Bowl held in Philly, I'd say yes. I do think it would be fun. But if you then asked where it ranks on the list things I care about, it wouldn't be terribly high. I honestly just don't care where the Super Bowl is held.

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