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It doesn't matter when Chip Kelly names a starting QB


First off, I want to thank all the guys, especially Mike Kaye, for running the site this past week as I mostly did this. Now I'm back and ready to resume my duties as your dealer of choice for that sweet Eagles fix...

I wasn't able to get much internet down in Mexico, but I did see this flap about certain Eagles wanting to see a starting QB named before training camp as well as the possibly related story about Leonard Weaver being worried about disgruntled players and team unity.

"I have been hearing some things about Vick saying that he wants to know," said DeSean Jackson. "At the same time, the team wants to know too. We need to go into training camp prepared and know who is going to be our starting quarterback."

That the QBs themselves are interested to know who is the starter is a given. That a WR like DeSean Jackson would like to know is pretty understandable as well. LeSean McCoy says he gets it.

"I mean they're grown men," said McCoy. "I think anybody wants to know if they're starter or not, so I don't fault Mike for that. Same with myself, so I would want to know, ‘Hey am I starting or not?'"

But he also says that it's something they'll work out.

"But then again, you got to look at the head coach. He makes the final decisions on what goes on. It's hard to go against that, that's something that they'll talk out. That's the good thing about Coach Kelly, even though he comes from college he's big on communication and it works well in the NFL. So, they'll work it out."

Evan Mathis chimed in with probably the most level headed response on the subject.

"I haven't been evaluating our quarterbacks because I'm focused on the offensive line but I really don't see the point of Chip Kelly naming a starting QB before camp," Mathis said. "This is an entirely new coaching staff with an entirely new offense, which isn't even fully installed yet. It's not rocket science; whoever the coaches feel will help the team the most will win the job after proving himself in training camp and preseason."

My take is that someone is going to get the job and it's all going to be a moot point. If it's Michael Vick, he'll be playing on a one year deal so he's not going to be worrying about when he was named the starter. His future in the league will depend very much on how he plays this year. If it's not Vick, he could very well be off the team. If not this year, then certainly next.

If it's one of the young guys, they're not going to complain. This is their shot at the big time.

I just don't see see the downside from the team's perspective. If this was a Super Bowl ready team, I'd get the concern. The team needs to know who its leader will be.

Then again, if this were a Super Bowl ready team, we wouldn't have to wonder who the QB will be... Which is the whole point! This QB competition isn't totally about just this year. It's about potentially the next 3 years.

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