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NFL's Clown Shoes: Me, myself and the 49ers

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The weekend is just hours away and even though you may be at school or work, you can still have a laugh or two at the expense of the others. This week on Clown Shoes we look at the thoughtless mind of Mario Williams, the 49ers play-calling and more. Let's pitch this circus tent:

  • Buffalo Bills defensive end, Mario Williams, evidently does not get the NFLPA newsletter or has had cable for the last year. The former first overall pick was quoted saying that new Bills defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine, says "kill them or hurt them" in practice. This is just one-year after the New Orleans Saints had their roster and coaching staff gutted by suspensions for such language and the follow-through of that type of coaching. While Williams obviously means no harm and likely thinks nothing of the remarks, it is pretty eye-opening that a player of his stature would be so open about this type of matter. Pettine was on HBO's Hard Knocks with the Jets a few years back and seems like a nice enough dude, but this may cause Roger Goodell to keep an close eye on Buffalo. Then again, if a punishment were to come down, Williams would have much a bigger role in the team's success than he did last year.
  • According to new 49ers safety, Craig Dahl, has admitted that his new team sucks at disguising plays. Dahl's former team, the Rams, beat and tied the Niners in their two contests last season. Dahl was relatively care-free about the matter. "We had a few tips off of film that we were able to differentiate between run and pass early," Dahl said. "So that kind of gave us an added benefit on defense." So much for Jim Harbaugh being a wizard.
  • San Diego's Ryan Mathews has openly admitted to being "average" over the first three seasons of his career. While he is absolutely correct and is likely to trying to temper expectations for next season, it says a lot about his prospects of sticking around with the Chargers. Clearly, if Mathews has not been fond of his play, the Chargers and their fans are clearly less than amused. The problem with admitting your short-comings in pro football is that while you are trying to stay humble or show self-awareness, you are essentially admitting failure to thousands of people who critique your skills daily. If he has been so average, why not make him take a pay-cut? Obviously, if he knows he is not very good, why pay him so much?
  • Sebastian Janikowski has come out and said he wants to spend the next 7-8 years playing for the Raiders. At 35, he is still one of the better kickers in the league, but that's a pretty long time to suck money out of the Davis family. While it is cool to spend your entire career with a team, the Raiders are going nowhere fast, but they do pay well. Janikowski is likely to get that money too, so the Clown Shoe in this case is the Raiders organization. Happy Spending, Seabass!
  • Seattle's Brandon Browner was interviewed this week and said he wanted to strangle 49ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh. While the Niners and Seahawks have started an interesting rivalry, Browner, has just basically said that he would hurt an NFL Head Coach. The former CFL player may be doing well these days, but Pete Carroll gets bored with players pretty easily (just ask his starting quarterbacks before Russell Wilson). If Browner hits the market, he is likely going to come up dry with the Harbaughs and their close circle of coaching fans. I hear Vancouver is nice.
  • Lastly, I am the biggest Clown Shoe of the week. The lack of arrest post had an immediate impact on the Eagles arrest history. Jason Peters was arrested for drag racing and fleeing from police within hours of my post and I was understandably mocked for it. That said, I evidently have the X-Men power of predicting the opposite of my articles. So at the behest of my fellow BGNers, the Eagles will suck this season, Chip Kelly will be fired in the new few years and Jason Avant will be cut. There, I think that about does it.

Feel free to add your favorite NFL-related Clown Shoe moments from this week in the thread below. Enjoy your weekend.

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