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Former Eagles in the news: Stallworth is back and Kafka is a Jaguar


Throwback Thursday is a common theme on social media and with several publications, and at BGN it is no different. That is why, just like last week, we are keeping track of the several former Eagles that remain in the league and those who have retired within the last few years. This week, we features a pair of former number one wide receivers and a handful of short-lived Eagles.

  • Once again, new Miami Dolphins wide receiver, Brandon Gibson, is in the news. The newly dubbed slot receiver is apparently getting outplayed by Armon Binns, who is making the league minimum and is on his third team in three years. Gibson, a 2009 7th round pick of the Eagles, was recently given a $10 million contract with $3.75 million guaranteed in the first year. Keep in mind, Gibson has mostly been on the outside throughout his career, but with Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline taking up the perimeter, the former Ram is forced inside. Gibson was marveled for his route running in college, so if anyone can transition to the slot, he can.
  • Former Eagles back-up quarterback (and Brandon Lee's obsession), Mike Kafka, is now a Jaguar. The Northwestern alum may want to send Tim Tebow a "Thank You" card. The Patriots typically hold two quarterbacks and Kafka was the third man on the depth chart by a while. Kafka was cut on Monday, in order for New England to sign Tebow. The 2010 Senior Bowl stand-out was put on waivers and was claimed by Jacksonville on Tuesday. Kaftka enters a quarterback room that make Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne look like Vince Young and Jeff Garcia (in their prime). Blaine Gabbert is off his scholarship after two horrifically unimpressive seasons and his third coaching staff in as many years. Veteran holdover Chad Henne and undrafted rookies, Matt Scott and Jordan Rodgers, are uninspiring options. If Kafka is going to find a job in the league with the potential for playing time, Jacksonville is the place. While he may not be starting material, at minimum, he should make the team. Kafka, a 4th round pick in 2010, caught a tough break last summer with the Eagles. He was let go during final cuts because injuries made him fall behind Nick Foles and Trent Edwards.
  • Donte Stallworth is back in the league, just months after "burning" his "butt." The one-year wonder with the Eagles has signed with the Redskins on Wednesday. This is Stallworth's second stint with Washington (he played for them in 2011). A field-stretching talent, Stallworth tried out with the team during this week's minicamp. He will compete for a back-up gig with the team and is still recovering from burns he suffered during a hot air balloon incident that happened earlier this year. Stallworth is literally the most unlucky pro athlete in the history of sports. He has had more unfortunate off-the-field incidents than any player in recent memory. He was convicted of DUI manslaughter for running over a jaywalker in 2009 and then nearly died in dramatic fashion with the balloon incident.
  • Terrell Owens has been out of work since he was cut by the Seahawks last offseason. Not-so-coincidentally, he recently admitted that he has not been contacted by teams ever since. While T.O. has had a cold market, he does believe he can contribute to an NFL team. He suggested the Chiefs and the Vikings as the best fits for him. If Andy Reid were to sign Owens, it would be a bigger surprise than the Sixers winning a title next year. Still, you have to get T.O. credit, he knows how to get into the press. Instead of talking about football, he should start auditioning for more reality shows, where he will be welcomed with open arms. Got to give him credit though, as he openly recognizes Mike Florio as The Devil.
  • Finally, Takeo Spikes has continued his quest to force teams out of the playoffs by working out with the Rams this week. Spikes, who played for the Eagles during the 2007 season, was a Charger for the last two seasons. The Auburn alum has never made the playoffs in his 16-year career. If Spikes signed with the Rams, he would likely play middle linebacker.

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