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The Linc - Stockpiling tight ends makes sense for Kelly's offense

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Three Things We Learned About the Eagles' Offense - Philly 24/7

This one seemed pretty obvious from the personnel moves the team made this offseason. The Eagles targeted James Casey (All-22 here) in free agency and spent a second-round pick on Zach Ertz. Plus, they already have Brent Celek on the roster.

The reason for stockpiling tight ends now makes more sense. Chip Kelly wants to play fast, keep the defense on its heels and create mismatches. But remember, if the offense substitutes players, the defense has to be given a chance to do the same.

Smolenski's first year as Eagles president an eventful one -

Don Smolenski arrived in Philadelphia in the winter of 1998, starting his job as chief financial officer of the Eagles. He went to dinner with his wife and two friends. Smolenski shared the news of his new title with the other couple.

What's the rush, DeSean? -

I got an email Tuesday night from the NFL Network that included a few quotes from DeSean Jackson, who'd appeared touting the documentary his brother put together, and had been asked about the Eagles' quarterbacking competition. In one breath, DeSean said "I don't know, it's been kind of even," when asked whether Michael Vick or Nick Foles had an advantage, and he asserted that "they would both do a great job."

Terrell Owens Rumors: Are the Kansas City Chiefs a Potential Landing Spot, Good Fit? - Yahoo Sports

Terrell Owens has been adamant about wanting to continue his playing career, stating today that he still has something to offer an NFL team on the NFL Network's "NFL AM" show. The effusive wide receiver cited the Chiefs as a possible destination because of the team's offensive scheme--the WCO--but has heard nothing yet in the way of legitimate interest.

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