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Expect the Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Competition to go on for a long time

Buckle up. It's going to be a long ride.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone wants to know who the Eagles starting QB will be. Most have their favorites. Michael Vick or Nick Foles? Maybe Matt Barkley? GJ Kinne or Dennis Dixon... well, probably not.

There's bad news for those who want a starter to be named soon. It appears that the Eagles QB competition could go on for a long time. This sentiment has been repeated by not only HC Chip Kelly, but also one of the Eagles who is most familiar with him: Dennis Dixon.

"[The QB competition] will be as long as you imagine. That's what Chip Kelly is," Dixon said. "He keeps everyone on their toes. As an athlete, you have to be ready. Whenever your name is called, you have to be ready." -

Normally, the thoughts of a third string QB probably wouldn't matter. In this case, Dixon's words may be worth paying attention to since he's familiar with Chip from their time together at Oregon.

When asked when the winner of the competition would be decided, former Dixon responded with a specific date: "September 5." That's 4 days before the Eagles season opener (9/9) on MNF in DC versus RGThreesus (Robert Griffin III) and the Washington Redskins.

The exact date may be arbitrary, but the overall sentiment is legitimate. The QB competition is real and won't be decided easily. Chip is going to use all the information he's gleaned from mini-camps, OTAs, training camp practices, and pre-season games to make an informed decision. There's really no good reason to make a hasty decision.

Given the Eagles the lack of a clear-cut starter at the position, the decision to wait is probably for the best. Let the competitors battle it out and may the best man win. Chip will make the decision when he's ready.

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